Week 59 – Liver function improving

The good news is that my most recent blood tests have shown an improvement. The ultrasound from last week showed my liver was clear of any clots or obstructions.  Blood tests revealed no sign of Hepatitis A or B and the CMV was undetectable.  The evidence now confirms GVHD of the liver which is treated with steroids.  As a result I have to remain on a higher level for another week before weaning.  The steroids have a large ‘knock-on’ effect in terms of lowering my immune system –  the medical team are keen to reduce the level ASAP.

Blood results from this week were again stable.  Hbs 93 – Wcc 95 – Platelets 161 and Neutrophils 6.6.  Both Magnesium and Potassium were down a little so as a result these tablets have been increased again.  The Creatinine for kidney function was once again in the normal range.

The liver function is monitored via the level of certain liver enzymes.  There are four enzymes that the team study closely and although two of the four are heading back close to the normal range, two remain fairly high.  Although not life threatening it is something that needs to be monitored closely with more regular blood tests.

Lots of things to do 

We’ve had a busy time over the last week with activities and visits as summarised below:

A two day garden tour of some magnificent establishments in the Dandenongs.

Caught the most recent “A Star is born” movie with Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper.  This is a great feel good movie which is bound to bring a tear to the eye.  Highly recommended if you want a good night out.

Go-Karting with Dougall after a nice long bike ride along the Maribyrnong river. (he managed to beat me by a second on our fastest laps but I think I still remained competitive!).

IMG_3554 - Copy

After talking to Ian Herbert in Tassie he reminded me to go out and live life and buy a bike to ride with him and a few mates when we get back home.  So Dougall took me shopping at the local BMW bike centre and I am now the proud owner of a GS800 adventure bike.  I’m not sure how I’ll go with this new mode of transport as I haven’t done a lot of road riding but it is certainly an exciting prospect!  Of course all my biker mates are super excited that I’ve now joined the dark side.

Caught up with Bev and Andy Irvine to walk Baxter the dog around the Yarra. (Don’t cry Andy its not all that bad!)


A lovely catch up with backpacker Alex Sawday from the UK.  I first met Alex’s Dad during our backpacking days in the 1980s and have kept in touch ever since.  Our kids did an UK/Oz exchange about 10 years ago and Alex is now hooked on Australia and can’t keep away from the place.


Toby and  Claire joined us for dinner on Monday with Alex Sawday.  Toby had recently altered a ‘rowing boat’ coffee table that Claire gave us after a charity auction.  The table is made from a section of an 8 seat wooden rowing boat.


Continued with Pilates with Kennedy Lay at the Pinnacles Health group just near the newly named Marvel Stadium (Ethiad previously).


A lovely dinner with my aunt and uncle Bruce at Joyce Hyles at the Atheneum Club in Collins Street – they were down from Canberra for a 8 day garden tour of the Mt Macedon area of Victoria.

IMG_3475 - Copy

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