Sept 2019 – My health is good

I am now on monthly blood tests which is fantastic. My veins have taken a pounding over the past 12 months and it is good to give them some relief.

I had a consult with Amit this week over the phone and all went well. We went through the standard questions.

How do you feel? What drugs are you taking?

Amit was interested in my recent travel and movements and said I must be feeling well if I can be doing the things I listed.

And that is the key point. I have recently felt as well as ever. I’d say 80-90% of my pre diagnosis health – which is probably a great outcome. I have nothing really to complain about.

My recent blood results were all pretty good with Haemoglobin 152, Wcc 129, Neutrophils 9.5, Platelets 177 and Creatinine 78. In fact some of counts were a little high but probably due to the steroid dose I am not on (currently 10mg).

The weaning process for the Prednisolone is very slow – it will take 5 months to get back off this drug!

The Lichen Planus on my hands had recently flared up but thanks to a super strength cream it is now under control.

So now I am looking forward to the 2 year post Bone Marrow Transplant date (January 2020) as this is when the doctors will give me a full clearance.

Other things

Jan and I enjoyed a few days at Falls Creek skiing with David Foster Peter Clucas and Colin Duff. It had been 3 years since I’d been skiing so I was unsure how that would go. Apart from some massive cramps at night time (in my shins of all places) the skiing went really well – no falls and I even managed to ski the Summit.

Claire Toby and Pria helped out with tree planting at Milford. Lachy made a surprise visit from Bali.

I joined my friend Eric Saacks on a Heli Safari around FNQ. This was a trip of a lifetime.