Week 22 – Monday 29th Tues 30th -Finally home again!

Monday was to be the day that I was to be discharged at least for afternoon leave but a few things happened that meant this could not be.  Firstly the Hickman line that had developed a hole had to be replaced was going to take up most of the day with operations.  The team chose not to replace the Hickman but rather change over to a PICC line. The PICC line is also a central catheter but runs from your tricep into the heart and is a slightly smaller tube.


The new PICC line.

It took about an hour to get the PICC line fitted fitted up.  This is done with only a local anaesthetic and they push the line about 40 cms into  the suitable vein.

But then I had to have the old Hickman line taken out.  This is simply done by an experienced nurse pulling the tube from your chest,  no anaesthetic just brute force! They then put a dressing on the hole.  The Hickman central line had been in my body for total of 5 months so had not done too badly.

So day leave was off the agenda, i was not set for full discharge on Tuesday 30th January.    This was after a month in hospital. and it felt very strange.

The blood count board showing Neutrophils at 6.0 today! Yipee.

Emily from the Pharmacy spent and hour with us going through a small mountain of drugs that I would need to carefully consume each day. What has become clear is that the next 60 days are critical in the recovery process with visits to the hospital every second day for tests, checkups and top ups of blood products and Magnesium as required.

Nice line up of drugs for the next month or so


Walking out of hospital the first thing you notice is the strange smells.  Even the car park smelt great to me!

On the way out

So once at home it was a matter of unpacking and settling in again,  I still don’t feel 100% and assume it will take a number of days for my body to adjust to my new life.

Updating the blog

14 thoughts on “Week 22 – Monday 29th Tues 30th -Finally home again!

  1. Good on you mate! Great to see you are home again. We are playing tennis at JP’s Thursday 8pm. Just letting you know there will always be a spot there for you!




  2. Hello Geoff,

    Good to see you are home where you will be able to rest & with good home cooking start feeling better.

    Much love Cange


  3. Hi Hamo
    Great report. look pretty good actually. I have seen you look worse after a Rotary Board meeting!
    Hope you keep up the progress. Don’t drive and get drug tested.


  4. Excellent ! The “FOG” has lifted your home again! Next chopper flight? I should be able to chip in this time given I have sold another one of those surplus cars possibly even my shout for dinner ! All jokes aside fantastic news . David.


  5. Glad to see you home Geoff. Great effort. I’ve been visiting a cousin in hospital here in Wagga who has had two years of in and out of hospital here and in Sydney for prostate and water works issues – he has full bags for all bodily functions and has had a PICC as part of the latest. I really feel for both of you in this context. But it’s fantastic the progress you’re making.

    On another note, it was great to see some 20 WCAC members line up at the Council meeting last night along with Ben Morgan from AOPA to argue against the proposed charges. There was some heavy lobbying behind the scenes and I am pleased to advise they resolved to reintroduce all last year’s charges, remove the “local base” restriction on the annual landing charge option, dropped the overnight parking charge and have sent a reference to the Airport Advisory Committee to undertake a full review of the airport, its operations, maintenance and investment requirements, its financial requirements and bring forward recommendations on budgets. I’m really pleased with this outcome as the industry now has direct input into the main decisions and finances. Finally a good result.

    Don’t wear Jan out.




  6. And that pic of you leaving the hospital with guitar in hand looks so groovy ! You dont need the kilt and bagpipes anymore! D.


  7. Well done Geoffrey. Great to see you out. I have a whinge about having to take my one pill a day for my cholesterol. After seeing that pile I’ll never complain again.


  8. Happy days. So excited that it’s all going in the right direction. Enjoy being home. Hopefully the next time you go “home” will be tassie! Lots of love and congratulations NICOLE


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