Week 21 – Sunday 28th – Slowly, slowly

Today the medical team led by Andrew Roberts delivered some special news.  My WBCs have continued to climb and are currently at 5.0.  On top of that the Neutrophils are 3.0 – which technically puts me back into the ‘normal range’ so I am out of the neutropenic stage. Andrew was very happy with this progress!

However there is always good and bad news in this game.  Over the past two days I have experienced two bouts of severe nausea and vomiting which has taken me by complete surprise.  This has lasted for some time and of course has made be very cautious about food!

Because of the high counts the doctors have come up with a plan for day release for me tomorrow for the afternoon – this should be wonderful- finally after a month a few hours at home.  They won’t commit for the discharge date but it is likely to be in the next 2-3 days if things go well.

Passing time colouring seems to be manageable in small chunks

The only major complaint I have is that I still feel very ‘washed out’ and have trouble keeping my thoughts together.  This is pretty much as it was in the early days with chemo brain – not being able to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes and having trouble sleeping.

As part of preparation to get me home the doctors have to move me off all the IV drugs and onto oral drugs.  Not so bad for most of them but the capsules of Cyclosporin are huge and take a bit of getting down (just like the USA Midastaurin drugs).

These drugs are a meal in themselves

Anyway things are moving slowly and I will keep you posted.

9 thoughts on “Week 21 – Sunday 28th – Slowly, slowly

  1. Hi there Geoffo,
    I am so delighted to hear of your latest news and results. We open your blogs as soon as they arrive with bated breath hoping they will be positive and so far it sounds as if you are being a bloody star. (Aside from a few side effects) what a formidable team you and Jan are. So so pleased you may see daylight tomorrow. Bloodybjot in Wallington, no air con so activity at a minimum. Had a few swims in the sea today. Divine. Hope it’s not too long before you might be able to take a dip too. I firmly believe the ocean is one of nature’s great healers. Keep up the fabulous work Team Hamilton. Serena xxx


  2. Great news Geoff. Those pain drugs take a while to leave you but can see you already focusing! That colouring is medative.

    Hope you had a good Claire visit- another favourite child.

    Am here at Borambola cleaning and then handover wed am. Very ready to finish this bit!!
    Xx annette


  3. Hey Geoff – the good news is great!! So happy to see those numbers tracking well – and sending lots of good wishes for the tummy to settle soon. Xox


  4. Dear Geoff. When the good news is outweighing the bad, I reckon that’s a win. Hope you managed some home leave and that the nausea is under control. So glad the numbers are heading in the right direction. Millsy and Steve xx


  5. Glad to hear that week is behind you dusty. Lets hope that’s the worst of it and its all good news from here on.Shaz had a fantastic 50th wish you were there but she loved your video massage especially your hat !!! You can make it up to her at her 60th !


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