Week 20-21 Friday 19th – Tues 23rd – Spaced out and Space Invaders!

Some avid readers may have noticed that I have been absent from my blog for more than 5 days.  This is solely because I have been too sick to put any words down on paper.  In a nutshell I have been spaced out and suffering from the drugs the medical team have got me on to manage the pain and other effects of the chemo and transplant.

Compounded with this I have not been able to sleep at night time due largely to the confusion brought on by the drugs once again.

But the GOOD NEWS is that my neutrophils have begun to return, they were 0.1 yesterday, Day 19 Post Transplant (as predicted by Andrew the consultant on duty over the weekend) and 0.1 again today, the WBC count is slowly climbing which is also great news. These are actually new cells produced by Tony’s stem cells which are invading the space left after my bone marrow was nuked during the chemotherapy (thanks again Tony).

I’ve continued to have daily visits from the Pain Team, the Nutritionists, the BMT team and of course my Home team consisting of Jan and Lachy. The nurses have continued to provide great care as well as support and encouragement during this brain fog.

IMG_0654I have begun to eat again, when I say eat I really mean drink foodie sort of stuff including the Ensure balanced protein drink and I’ve also been having the little sucky packs of baby food which I can just keep in the fridge for when I’m hungry. Cold things are easiest to swallow as my throat is still a bit sore. The idea is to wean myself off the TPN (the IV nutrition which comes in the big silver bag). I’d like to be fully off it in the next 3 days so I can get my gut working well in preparation for going home early next week.

11 thoughts on “Week 20-21 Friday 19th – Tues 23rd – Spaced out and Space Invaders!

  1. Keep on keeping on Geoff. Hopefully you have seen the worst and only the good to come from here on.

    What do a plum and an elephant have in common?
    They are both purple except the elephant. Wait until you hear my bad ones.
    Take care. Always thinking of you. Cheers Leigh x


  2. It’s all up from here! As soon as those neutrophils rise, you will feel much like your old self. Just keep going one day at a time!


  3. Good oh, Geoff. Thought it must have been the case re the lack of blog so its great to hear you on line again. Keep up the great work!!
    Our campaign re airport parking charges is gaining even more ground. Have a media stunt on Thursday – will give you a run down on Friday.

    Over the moon it’s all starting to work!!!


  4. It seems like things are ticking along exactly as expected! So happy! We can’t wait to see you!
    Scott and Katie.


  5. Good on you Geoff. Sounds like the ‘peak’ pain and discomfort is past but still a long way to go.

    Well done mate! You are tough- but don’t think we will be soft on you when we all get back on the tennis court!




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