Week 20 – Thursday 18th January – It’s a long road……

Today was a mirror image of yesterday with the exception that the doctors told me I wasn’t doing well…. I was doing very well.

IMG_0634As you can see, my white cell counts are still at 0.1 – the neutrophils are at 0. As we were writing this post, a Li came in to change one of my lines and overheard us talking about the cell counts. He added some more information – the A+ is based on the fact that I haven’t had a blood transfusion for a while, and my cell counts and platelet counts are holding steady. This is an indication that some of the newly implanted bone marrow stem cells might be starting to do some work.


My neutrophil count will still take another 3-4 days to come up from 0. It’s a long road to recovery.

IMG_0619Good news is that the pain control is working well enough to allow me to drink a can of soft drink and eat a red Zooper Dooper for breakfast whilst doing my daily bike session. Nothing like mixing work with pleasure.

You will also notice that despite the 40 degree heat here in Melbourne today I am wearing a beanie, its a strict “No Hat , No Play ” policy for me here on Ward B




Today’s plane flies quite well – bit of an issue with the right aileron


12 thoughts on “Week 20 – Thursday 18th January – It’s a long road……

  1. Fantastic Geoffrey, keep it up.

    Thanks for supporting the parking charge issue at Wagga. Col Duff and I had a meeting with the Mayor and GM yesterday. Their inability to accept the very basics of economics of price v demand along with the concept of cost benefit analysis is astounding. I really worry about Greg!

    One day at a time……



  2. Hi Geoffrey

    The reports have a good feel about them from a non medical accountant ( yawn) point of view. Ash Barty and GH have great fighting spirit. Keep it up


  3. Geoff, great news everything is on track.
    Look forward to you being able to catch the ferry over to Portarlington soon.
    Brooker and Zara


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