Week 21- Wednesday 24th- Still in the fog

Neutrophils still at 0.1 today, which the Doctors say is a good thing as it means there is no major infection in the body that the Neutrophils are needing to gear up for. WBCs continue their steady climb, up again today at 0.4.

The nurses have a regular set of questions which they ask every time they do my obs-  Any shortness of breath- No, Opened your bowels today- yes and the diarrhoea is back though not in a major way, What have you eaten today- baby food for breakfast, Ensure protein drink for morning tea, pasta and sauce for lunch, nectarine and icy pole for afternoon tea….., How much have you had to drink- up to 1 litre a day now, How’s the pain – not too bad, mouth and throat Ok, bit of bottom pain though, Have you been out of bed- yes 4 lots of hot laps around the ward and 2 lots of stationary bike so far today. Overall they are happy with these responses.

But my biggest challenge at the moment is the overwhelming sense of fatigue, I nod off mid sentence and even had a little kip leaning on the nurses station midway through the hotlaps! Everyone says this is normal but it doesn’t feel normal or good to me.

More tomorrow when hopefully they will have removed my opioids and I’ll be feeling more like me.


5 thoughts on “Week 21- Wednesday 24th- Still in the fog

  1. Cheers mate….still going well.

    Shaun Duffy and I flew to MEL for a meeting this morning – called and left a message in the feint hope you might take a couple of visitors.

    Marty helped with the flying today – IFR and experience for Essendon.

    Media stunt re landing float plane on lake Albert tomorrow has had to be cancelled due C206 performance in hot conditions. Will re-schedule for another day – all still keen to do the media thing. Council deliberates on airport charges on Monday evening – think we have them coming around to sense.

    Keep swingin’


  2. Hang in there Geoffrey. Sounds like the fog is about to lift!
    Kath gave me a couple of cracking hard puzzles for Xmas (which I have solved). I’ll post them to you next week…that will get your brain going!!


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