Week 16 Friday-Sunday and Week 17 Monday – Wednesday. Christmas and then Chemo begins again.

Today is the day that my (hopefully) final round of Chemotheraphy began.  This was delivered by the HITH (Hospital in the Home) team during the morning.

What was largely different from this visit from previous visits was that the drug is considered to be cytotoxic with extra precautions needed.  The nurse administering the drug, Michael had to gown up and wear a face mask and eye protection in case of a spill or problem with the drug – it is very toxic!!



The drug is Fludarabine and was only about 55mg which took around 30 minutes to administer under a gravity (coat hanger) drip.  This drug like the previous chemotherapy drugs is designed to kill off all blood cells.  Both the White Blood cells and neutrophils will start to drop off in count by the end of this week.



Back to the Chemo – hopefully for the last time. This one is Cytotoxic hence the gown and mask for the nurse.

The major side effect of this drug is nausea.  This was expected to present soon after the administration of the drug, although being on a three times daily dose of anti-nausea tablets I am protected somewhat.  I do have another backup anti-nausea drug just in case.  Luckily I did not feel any nausea during the IV transfusion.

I have also had a new cocktail of oral medication prescribed with one new medication to protect the liver from side effects of the chemo.

Andrew and Heather with twins Ned and Maggie and youngest Jack invited us to spend Christmas day with them.

On the social front we had a great time over Christmas with firstly the Hamilton get together last week and then Christmas day with the Sheridan family at Bairnsdale.  We stayed two nights with Jan’s parents ( my first night out of Melbourne since late August) and enjoyed some quality family time and of course ate far too much!




Jan’s parents Allen and Helen with our three children.

The good thing for me about the festive season has been that I have managed to put on a few extra kilos to provide a buffer during this next round of chemo and the Bone Marrow Transplant.  It is likely that I will end up with a few side effects including loss of appetite so I might shed a few kilos as I did previously.

I will have 5 days of Fludarabine administered by HITH and then will be admitted back to Ward 7B for the final two days of chemo prior to the transplant.

Thankyou to everyone who has sent me special messages of support for the transplant.  I really appreciate your contact – it means a lot to me.


10 thoughts on “Week 16 Friday-Sunday and Week 17 Monday – Wednesday. Christmas and then Chemo begins again.

  1. What a gorgeous family photo Geoff! So pleased you have enjoyed the festive time with everyone. Wishing you loads of love and good wishes for this stage of your recovery xoxoxo


  2. Darling Hamiltons – We are so pleased you could all be together for Christmas – Being together as a Family is the most special thing about Christmas isn’t it. We are thinking and (praying) for you as you know and if we can do anything please do not hesitate to call us. Massive hugs and massive love
    Kate and Stewart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Geoff, Jock & I have followed your journey with a great deal of interest and admiration for your ability to recount your treatment, now as you reach the final stages before your transplant, our thoughts are with you all as you approach what will be an uncomfortable few weeks. Just want you to know this bit of the Hamilton family have been with you all the way and looking forward to hearing of your ongoing progress! Send our regards to your family and special hello to Tony!!


  4. Geoff, your never ending optimism and overall positive outlook is just inspiring. I see your methodical way of dealing with every situation, even the relatively unknown shining through the craziest and scariest of times. Sending you all love as you head into this next phase. Btw, absolutely adore the family photo under the Jacaranda tree – just beautiful. Love to you all xx


    1. Thanks Lisa nice to hear from you. All going well so far! I knew you’d like the Jacarandas!


      0408 957675

      [TwoSheds Logo (2)]


  5. Good luck for the next week or two
    I hope the nausea and pain is as minimal as possible
    We will be thinking of you
    Love Cathy and Chris


  6. Dear Geoff, Jan and family,
    We have just caught up with your blog, your effort in keeping us informed is superb.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Lots of love from,
    Geoff, Madeleine, Geoffrey, Harry, George and Annabel Adams.


  7. Hi Geoffrey, you are still looking great on the pictures, don t know how you do it ! Beautiful family pictures, nice to see everyone. We hope the last round of chemo and the transplant will go as smoothly as possible! All the best and love from Belgium Nadine and Gino xx


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