Week 16 Thurs-Friday 22nd Dougall returns to Oz!

I’ve had an interesting few days on the medical and family front.

On Thursday I had yet another appointment with the Infectious diseases consultant to review my lung and kidney function prior to transplant.  The good news is my lung infection is all but gone, although the doctors would still like me to continue with the antifungals just in case in flares up again during transplant.

And my kidney function has continued to improve although it still is not back into what they would call the ‘normal range’ for Creatinine clearance.

I had yet more blood tests on Thursday to check on these and other matters and also had the “Hickman” central line dressing changed – a weekly event.

On Friday we were back into the hospital for final discussion with the Ward 7B pharmacist, Emily, regarding the next round of drugs to back up the chemotheraphy and transplant.

The initial round of Chemo will be delivered at home by HITH, starting December 27th – which will mean I will have another 5 days at home prior to being re-admitted to the hospital for the last dose of chemo and the transplant on January 3.

But the big news was the family get together.  On Wednesday night we managed to get almost all the Hamilton Clan together for a pre Christmas dinner (we missed you Henry and Georgie).  My parents once again travelled down from Cootamundra – this time with Claire who had arrived from Perth last Friday and was up in NSW visiting friends.

My brother Tony and wife Katy, drove down from NSW via the coastal route.  Tony was required for more blood tests prior to the transplant.  Their daughter Amy flew down from Canberra to join Katy for a day at the art galleries and the dinner.

I managed to find a famous painting at the NGV during our visit.

And my sister Fiona and brother in law, Michael (Jan’s younger brother!), also flew down with son Oscar – they are in Molloymook for their Xmas break from Bangkok.  Their daugher Georgina is in Singapore working an internship.

And on Friday we were surprised by Dougall’s arrival back from the US.  Well Jan and I knew he was coming but others were unaware as Dougz had been planning on Xmas in the US but managed to organise the trip home in time. Dougall had a little ‘run-in’ with US Border control when he passed through security on a trip in October when they found a live 22 calibre bullet in his carry-on luggage.  He was issued with a court summons for Jan 9 and spent the best part of November sorting out how this was to be dealt with!

Dougall made it home from the US in time for Xmas.

The solution only became clear in the last week when his New York attorney and immigration attorney assured him that he could travel home and that the matter could be dealt with in his absence.  We were all concerned about the maximum possible penalty of one year’s jail but we have been assured this is unlikely.




It was great to spend some quality time with the Hamilton family prior to my next round of Chemo.

6 thoughts on “Week 16 Thurs-Friday 22nd Dougall returns to Oz!

  1. Geoff, Jan and family – what great news the infections are almost gone and preparations are on the way for transplant. Everything is now set for a great Christmas and New Year before TP Day.

    Christmas is all about family and friends and you have no shortages here.

    From Ros and all of us, enjoy, enjoy , enjoy


  2. Dear Geoff and Jan
    Wishing you and your family the happiest of times together this Xmas. – thinking of you often. Warmest Wishes Kirsty & Paul x


  3. Great to hear Dougal made it mate. Have a great xmas, lots of love to all the clan. Here’s to a very successful 2018 for you too. Love from the Hodges


  4. Sounds like you had a great Christmas Hamiltons. All steam ahead for the next stage Geoff – you seem to be doing everything you can to be in the best possible shape physically and emotionally . It was good to see Mr Rabbit – I remember him clearly!


  5. Great that Dougz made it back in time for Christmas, enjoy the festives and all the best for the 3rd January x

    Sending our love to you all. From
    Fe, Andrew and crew xx


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