Week 17 Thurs-Friday – More touring and visitors

It is with great relief that I can say that so far the chemotherapy treatment is going very well without any nasty complications.  The medical team tell me that nausea and vomiting are the most likely side effects but so far I have managed to avoid these.

The HITH team (nurse and doctor in separate cars!) visited again on Friday to infuse the Fludarabine and check on my health.  I could report no nausea, no shortness of breath, no pain, no aches, sleeping well, eating well and all toileting functions normal (standard questions) plus temperature (36.6), blood pressure (100/55) and pulse 68.

I can only hope that the bone marrow transplant goes as well, although I am preparing myself for a much rougher ride.




In fact the routine visits are going so well and seem to be down to routine that I can even carry on a phone conversation during the treatment – although on Friday I did have to delay a business Teleconference an hour due a clash with the HITH visit.  There was no need to involve the nurse in my business dealings!




I had a surprise visit from Richard Tallis on Thursday morning which happened to co-incide with the HITH visit, that included the weekly change of the Hickman Dressing.

Chemical Engineers Priya and Claire talked us through the Prelude project.

And Claire had one of her chemical engineering buddies, Priya Khanna around for a chat.  We spent most of the time discussing the Prelude FLNG project that these young women are working on with Shell.  Priya has a fly-in fly-out job working on the Prelude facility and was full of engineering stories that kept Richard and myself engrossed in the world of natural gas.

Dick was also in awe of Priya’s golf handicap of 4!! She is a force to be reckoned with!!

On Thursday we spent a lovely afternoon with friends George and Serena Chirnside from Wallington near Geelong on a chartered cruise boat touring the lower Yarra past the Docks to Williamstown and out into the very choppy bay to Station Pier.  We passed some massive boats.  We hadn’t seen these guys for a year or so and had a fantastic catch up while enjoying a quite ale.




I have to send this blog off now as we are off to Etihad Stadium to watch the Melbourne Renegades vs the Perth Scorchers in the 20/20 Cricket match.

2 thoughts on “Week 17 Thurs-Friday – More touring and visitors

  1. Hello Geoff,

    Good to hear all going well with the treatment & to see you looking so well. Prelude facility looks amazing. Love the photos of catching up with friends. My friends Jenny & Tim Barrett know your friends Bruce & Anna Allworth, small world. Jenny grew up in Holbrook. Looking forward to seeing you & Jan weekend 13/14 Jan if all the stars are in alignment!

    Much love


  2. Thank you so much for having us aboard Geoff. We loved catching up with you and Jan and Claire and Dougal were a bonus. Great afternoon! We will be thinking of you so much next week. xx


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