Week 16 – Wednesday 20th Guest Blog

Today’s blog is by a guest contributor – hope you enjoy!


Well, maybe, but just for the short term.

Short term of a long life?

We are children first, learning to walk, school, uni as teens, them hit the work force for some 45 years. What a hoot.

45 years!

Then retire, and live for another 20-25 years doing other stuff.  Not that long ago workers were only around for a few years after retirement – they were worn out?

So, for us, semi-retired folk, or, fully retired earlier, we just do stuff that we enjoy.

Some things we do is habitual, and some of it isn’t.  In the main, the list might look like this;

Read, walk the dog, walk the beach, fish the beach saying g’day to all and sundry swapping stories, going for a group ride followed by a coffee and planning days ahead; volunteering – RFS, Rotary……..talking of past and future achievements and aspirations; learn a language, converse; join a choir, learn a new song part, drink a pint at the pub afterwards with a chat about this or that; plan a holiday – discuss options study wines that you might like to try and order them in, share the odd bottle with a mate;  that sort of thing.  Morning nap; exercise routine;  work out who delivers the best national news; etc….

You have been presented with something very out of the ordinary, and with the support of your huge array of friends, and your magnificent family you are travelling the journey well – at least that is what your terrific and informed blogs are telling us.

30 years through the work cycle, and a bit of a glitch.

Hopefully one that will need attention for the next couple of years and then you are home free.

Just a lifestyle change in the interim.

And then, back into it.

Job done.

Cheers Geoff, catch up with you soon.

Andrew Irvine

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