Week 8 – Friday, Sat, Sun – Extended leave

The last three days have been very peaceful and easy going.  Claire flew over from Perth for the weekend and arrived early on Friday morning – always great to see her!

My main task was to keep well and watch the blood counts.  When the neutrophils drop to 1.0 or below that is my calling card back to Hospital, as the medical team do not want me out and about during the neutropenic stage due to the possibility of getting unwanted infections that my body cannot tackle.   It only leaves drugs as the last line of defence.

At my regular Hospital in the Home visit on Friday afternoon my temperature seemed to be climbing as it was over 37.0 and the nurse seemed wary of infections and keen to package me off to hospital. However after the usual round of questions – are you well? Any pain? Nausea? Vomiting? Bowel movements OK? she was happy to leave me at home.

Saturday and Sunday were similar days with cold weather on Saturday curtailing the walks a little but a beautiful morning on Sunday allowing a walk and bike ride, followed by very gusty and windy conditions Sunday afternoon – not ideal for me to be outside, again due to dust inhalation etc.

Kangaroo Paw brightens up the Docklands precinct.

We were lucky enough to have a few visitors over the weekend including Mike and Fi Rouch who have recently moved from Wagga to Melbourne.  Mike was in Docklands for shopping so called in for morning tea Saturday.  It was fantastic to catch up on their news and find out how happy they are living in Melbourne. And in the afternoon Claire’s friend, Lucy Collins,who is a graduate doctor  called in followed by Keita, Lachy’s mate from school.  Kate tested out my new modification to the beanie.  (Thanks to David Foster for pointing out the stitch error!)

Mike and Fi Rouch made a visit on Saturday.

My nephew Oscar Sheridan who is currently studying at Melbourne University visited on Sunday (I was expecting to be back in hospital) and we enjoyed some quiet family time.  Claire is looking to move back to Melbourne so was actively scouring the jobs on the internet.  She headed back Sunday night after a lovely family roast.

Busy in the kitchen under instruction from Claire!

So despite the fact that the medical team thought I’d be back in hospital my neutrophil count seems to be hanging on giving me some more time out – bliss!

When I go back in it will be for about 10 days with no indication at this stage as to how I might feel or react to the neutropenic stage.

3 thoughts on “Week 8 – Friday, Sat, Sun – Extended leave

  1. Great catching up with you and Jan and an unexpected bonus to see Claire as well. All the best for the next round of chemo. Your friends, Mike and Fi.


  2. Only you could make the whole affair into something so positive! Great to see you keeping out of the hospital as much as possible. Claire looking gorgeous as always. All the family were home on the weekend for a wedding. They all send their love….Alice is going to donate blood…..one day soon!


  3. You are handling this so well (I had no doubts)… with ongoing great health results.
    Love the photos of the family … everyone looks fabulous. Keep well x


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