Week 9 – Monday and Tuesday – Back to Ward 7B

After almost a week at home it was time to head back to the ward.  There was some confusion over the timing of this as initially on Monday morning the HITH team suggested that everything would be OK until Tuesday but a call in the afternoon indicated that the blood counts were dropping quickly and I needed to come in for blood tests with the possibility of being admitted Monday afternoon.

So once again we packed my bags and headed for the hospital for blood tests.  And as predicted the results showed the neutrophils had dropped below the critical 0.5 level – time for hospital.

Today the blood counts crashed.

The reason the Heam Team wanted me back in hospital was simply for observation during the neutropenic stage when I am most susceptible to infection.  They like to have you within their care so they can administer anti-biotics ASAP in case of a problem.

I was also given a bag of platelets (this helps with blood clotting) as they were dangerously low.  Apparently platelets are spun off from red blood cells (keep giving generously please).  And strangely enough after this and the IV Ambisome had finished I was completely disconnected from all tubes and pumps giving me a rare night without being ‘hooked up’.  I guess the benefit was that I could roll over in bed without tying myself in knots with IV tubes.

Tuesday’s goodies involved two units of blood to top up the red bloods cells (blood transfusion).

My new room in Ward 7B is on the northern side of a large open courtyard.  At the moment this yard is vacant but plans are underway to install an (artificial) garden.  Unfortunately they cannot build a natural garden due to the high risk of fungal and other infections for patients when walking outside.  Such a shame but that is the medical advice.  It is pretty bland, but at least has plenty of light.

View from Room 26, Ward 7B. This courtyard will be getting an artificial garden soon.

Regardless of the room the care and support from the team is first class and there were lots of familiar faces to welcome me back for this next round.  This stay will probably last around 5-7 days.

The interesting thing is I feel very well with no temperatures/fevers, no pain and no complaints whatsoever.  In fact it is almost surreal.  I feel well and keep saying to people I am 99% well with just 1 (large)% sick – ie cancer!

The Beanie

I have had some terrific feedback on my Beanie with many people wanting one!  So in the effort to spread the love I am going to knit a second beanie (blues and whites this time) and will auction it off to raise funds for the Hospital.  Stay tuned for progress updates and rattle your spare change jars as I am hoping many of you will participate in a fun auction later in November when the beanie is done.


The final beanie with pom pom. I am about to start a second beanie for auction later in the week.

11 thoughts on “Week 9 – Monday and Tuesday – Back to Ward 7B

  1. Geoff, be inspired by Singapore Gardens on the Bay – an artificial garden that you can walk through. Sadly it won’t be the same scale but hey i am sure that you can do anything. Keep smiling Geoff. Thinking of you


  2. Truely Geoffrey, you are amazing. Just love the beanie and its perfect. Do you think you will do it in yellow and black, or for those others, black and white.
    Great idea about the auction. If we start the auction now, will you do colours of my choice?
    So pleased you are feeling 99% well?


  3. G’day Geoffrey and Jan,

    You truly are an inspiration!

    I’m thinking that it is because you are across all things to do with your treatment process, bodily requirements and total trust and confidence with your amazing medical team.


    The energy you display is beyond the norm, but at the same time has become the norm that we all receive via your blog and our weekly charge from your desk.

    On top of this, the beany.

    So, you’ve found a way to market this beauty and have it benefit the ward. Pretty impressive, but again something else that defines you, and that is what we all love I think.

    Short and sweet this time around.

    We have Tessa Hawkins with us for a couple of nights, and she is pretty impressed with this Bay.

    She is great company too.

    Cheers and best wishes.

    Andrew Irvine 254 Elizabeth Drive Vincentia NSW 2540

    0437 694 010 ab.irvine@bigpond.com 02 4441 5767



  4. You are a star Geoffrey! 🌟 Beanie looks like a beauty and can’t wait to see the matching socks!? Colesy enjoyed chatting with you last night and it’s so comforting to read your blog each day or two. Lots of love to Jan xoxo


  5. What a great idea Geooff. Looking forward to the Auction. Happy knitting. You are truly amazing & inspirational. xx


  6. Perhaps a red and white beanie would fetch a good price at auction (waisting your time with a black and yellow though) – Shaz ❤


  7. Geoff, Lets get serious about this knitting thing! I am looking on Ebay, Gumtree and back sheds all over Australia and Tasmania for a knitting machine.The spinning wheel is ok as a family member will help with one ! The wool ? yes that is ok as well from you know where. If I end up with more than one machine I will drop one at Docklands and another at RMH. Yes lets forget the MEDIBLOG idea as this will be much more interesting ! David.


  8. Knitting…happy to grow the wool but….Simply all thumbs!

    If you had attended Rotary with us on Tuesday you would have been impressed with Riverina Water’s new water treatment plant here in Wagga. Being built to replace our ancient treatment works it uses state of the art filtration processes and management systems and will have the ability to draw more river water and treat it more efficiently for the future needs of the city. The complex is far larger than I ever imagined – you just don’t think about this infrastructure.

    But what blew me away perhaps more than anything was the heritage listed, what is believed to be, coach house built on the high southern bank metres from the edge ….it must have been some place in its heyday. Wollundry does it again!

    Glad you are feeling well despite the chemo.

    Take care.



  9. Happy to take charge of quality control on the new beanie. I’d go red and white if I was you. Only because of the expected price the Clucas’s will pay for anything to do with the Swans.
    Hillbone has taken over as Clucy’s primary opponent in the Navigator 9’s (formerly that other company that Hodgy had). Last night Mark got him by two shots. Its not quite the same level of intense competition that you two had but is still amusing to watch.


  10. Hey Geoffrey
    Just heard the news that you are unwell and was directed to your blog. After having a read through I can’t say that I am surprised that you would document this journey so thoroughly and positively – you have attacked this cancer thing with the same determination and gusto that you meet all challenges … head on!

    I can only imagine the shock of receiving this news was to you, Jan, your Mum and Dad, and the kids – but if anyone can beat it, it is you. I can see by the beautiful smiles in all the photos how supportive they are. The ultimate cheer squad.

    It is also no surprise to me that you have taught yourself to knit and now knitting beannies to raise money for a great cause – always being productive. It reminds me of when you took on the task of organising all the mums at Sth Wagga PS tuckshop to make their processes more efficient! It still makes me smile to think of it.

    So glad to see all your mates gathering around you. I will keep reading your blog and cheering you on from Wagga Wagga. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this battle any easier for you.

    Love to you all,


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