Week 8 – Wednesday and Thursday – Time

So life goes on – but this time at home which makes it so much better.  But of course as time marches on we end up moving into the next phase which will be back to Hospital for the neutropenic stage.

Hospital in the home (HITH) visited early afternoon on Wednesday and then mid-afternoon on Thursday.  I had a business teleconference on Wednesday morning (yes I haven’t forgotten how to do business) and then a meeting with our bank manager from Wagga on Thursday afternoon (who had driven down for signing of papers, and other meetings in Melb).

On Wednesday I spent some time making up a small model of the Partheneon which my lovely parents had sent me to help fill in time.  It was made from pressout foam/paper and fitted together in a few hours.

The model Partheneon that helped pass a bit of time

And today I started on the USA drug Midostaurin, which runs for two weeks.

The big news was finishing off my beanie.  I know there are many out there that are sceptical but finally (with some of Jan’s help) I managed to sew the edges together and don the beanie.

Finally the finished Beanie!

We also went for a bike ride in the afternoon  – a first for me for a while but Jan has been on the bike to visit me at Ward 7B over the past few weeks.  It was fun and such an easy way to get around so hopefully we will get to explore a larger area by bike over the next few days.

Complete with IV drugs on board I’m off for a bike ride with new beanie (helmet donned soon after for the worry warts!)

The time at home seems to have gone very quickly and it have given me the space to think about time.

Funnily enough I am not really busy at the moment with each day being filled with reading, listening to the radio and a few calls, plus some work on the laptop.  They say “time flies when you are having fun” or perhaps “when you are really busy” but in my case time seems to be going fast without either of these.  Although Jan does say to me that at the moment we could pretend we are on an extended holiday in Melbourne – nice and relaxing.

But what is time?  We all know that time is something that marches on, stopping for no one.  It is governed by the rotation of the earth and man-made atomic clocks, but for us it is more how we fit things into the space we have in front of us.

For me that space might be just minutes, hours or even days.  I tend not to look too far ahead although in the back of my mind I know I need to think about the longer term.  Without accurate information I believe I will be under care for at least 6 months but there is a possibility (in talking to others) that my treatment could go for more than a year, perhaps two.

So for me time is the space for my recovery, and this will vary from short term goals (maybe just a few hours or days) to the longer term. I need to use it wisely.

I am not focused on and tend not to think about ‘what will life be like after recovery’ as this is probably premature.

6 thoughts on “Week 8 – Wednesday and Thursday – Time

  1. Time does seem to move on
    We have done such a lot since I started following you and this blog and we just wanted you to know that we still think of you and wish you well every day
    Cheers Cathy and Chris


  2. Thinking of you!! Your still an inspiration and with your determination and fitness just focus on mindfulness. Living in the moment if you can, can be helpful.


  3. Beautifully even knitting, most impressed with your determination and sharing of your journey. You could try red “Santa” ones for Christmas presents for those who live in cold climates! Love to you both, we enjoy the pics too.


  4. Geoff – a goal we would like you to work into your future is that return to Barnbougle and Lost Farm. Clucy, myself, the golfing holiday specialist Pykey, and I’m sure a few others that didn’t make it last time will be there upon your return to the Apple Isle.


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