Week 6 – Sat and Sun – Socialising

This weekend was uneventful in terms of my health.  The HITH nurse turned up each morning  and changed over my IV drugs (Ambisome for the treatment of my lung infection), completed the observations and mountains of paperwork and continued on.  My coughing has virtually disappeared and my sore chest appears to be improving – slowly.

Over the past few weeks Jan and I have given some thought to how one might reshape the hospital system – which currently seems to be based more on what has happened in the past than what could be achieved today with modern technology.

For example the observations that have to be taken such as blood pressure, temperatures and oxygen levels.  Why couldn’t a clever young bio-medical engineer design a body worn or perhaps ear mounted sensor that collects this information at whatever interval required and automatically transmit this information to the nurses’ laptop or tablet?

And the endless pieces of paper for observations and records of drugs, etc.   Why can’t this information be captured and stored electronically?  This would save lots of time and improve accuracy.

As I spend more and more time thinking about the hospital system I keep on designing in my mind ways of improvement – from a patient or client perspective.  stay tuned.

Back on track the weekend ended up being quite a social one.

Good friend John Preddy (who originally advocated in Tassie to shift me to Melbourne) flew down for the weekend for a catch up.  He arrived in Docklands at about 9.30am on Saturday and flew out Sunday 3.00pm back to Wagga.  Unfortunately John had left his mobile phone behind but managed to borrow his daughter’s phone when she put him on the plane.  This caused a bit of confusion but we all managed.  I’m not sure John kept up with all Al’s Facebook and Insta messages over the weekend!  John is pretty easy going and it was great to see him.

John Preddy flew down from Wagga for the Weekend for a good catch up.

Graham Lean – ag consultant from Hamilton called in Sat arvo for a cup of tea and quick catch up.  We last saw Graham in Tassie a few days before we took off to Hamilton Island for the sailing and all was quite normal back then – how the world can change – and quickly!

And then Saturday night we had a lovely dinner at a snappy Italian Restaurant, top end of Collins Street with Geoff and Karen Daniel, and their daughter Kate, Lachy and John Preddy.  The Daniels were down for business but also to see the “Book of Morman” so the early dinner suited everyone well.  Not long after we sat down who should we spy but Anne and Bernard Hart from Junee coming in for dinner – small world indeed.

Karen Daniel shuns Social Media at dinner Saturday night!

I think my friends were all surprised that I looked so well and was able to leave home for a dinner out!

Sunday was another social one as we drove John out to East Malvern to catch up with a friend but stopped in at Eden Expresso Café for a coffee (well chocolate thickshake for me – no coffee or alcohol for over 6 weeks now).  Jed (the owner) and Tessa Hawkins his sister were there as well as Wagga local Imogen Scott and all were on for a good chat.

Jed and Tessa Hawkins (son and Daughter of our Wagga neighbours, John and Sandy) at Eden Expresso

After that we motored down to Sandringham yacht club to catch up with Jan’s brother Dreamy, his partner Heather their kids, Maggie and Jack, and Heather’s father Geoff and step mother Anne .  They were there to watch Ned in the sailing races.  Not bad for Ned as a 7 yr old to be competing with a neighbour’s son of 15.  They seemed to be doing well but it was difficult to pick one boat from the other on the bay unless their spinnakers were up.

After a nice lunch at the yacht club we drove back to Docklands for a well earned snooze (hard work this socialising!) and then a lovely Sunday afternoon walk around the Yarra river.

Docklands on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

This week leads up to a CT Scan to check on my Lung infection and then back into hospital by Friday for more Chemo – Round 2 – Consolidation.

11 thoughts on “Week 6 – Sat and Sun – Socialising

  1. Geoff and Jan, the health (hospital) industry is just starting on the digital innovation journey. There is so much opportunity and potential – but we are way behind the rest of the globe. And there are specific challenges in terms of cybersecurity and patient identification theft – especially where anything “wifi” is concerned. Patient information is the hottest item on the black market!! There’s a lot to learn from the sporting industry in terms of biomedical device connectivity for patient (and clinician) observations – the AFL footballers have jersey’s with all sorts of things able to be measured. A Japanese company has produced some amazing digital wear to measure everything and upload it via wifi to a patients health record – we just need to be able to bring some of this technology to practical use for Aussie’s – and have the Australian hospital systems able to deal with and productively analyse (for an individual patient) the amazing amount of data which can be gathered. Australia and the state of Victoria have a number of strategies they are trying to implement – In Victoria we are behind NSW and QLD who have had much more capital investment in this space. It is a really really exciting area of potential and innovation a very worthy passion for big thinkers to make an impact. Watching this space 🙂
    Cheers, SusieO


      1. 🙂 currently working in the digital health space which is fantastic and loving it – learning so much! Wish I could help!


  2. Hospital system is just like ancient air traffic control and radar Dusty. VORs n NDB lets not rush ADSB way to efficient and safe.


  3. Hello Geoff, Perhaps we should all be “chipped” at birth. This will make
    your intended changes to the system much easier ! David.


  4. I understand where you are coming from. When I was in the Labour Ward having a difficult time with son No 1, I kept saying “There has to be an easier way than this!” They patiently kept telling me that they had not been able to find one. Good luck with your questioning of the hospital system! (You were a breeze!)
    Your ever loving Mother!


  5. So pleased your efficiency radar is still working in overdrive…all seems so logical and mind blowing that the ‘admin’ fails to keep pace with technology. Sounds like agriculture is a few steps ahead of hospital record keeping. Perhaps some fancy NLIS tags are in order Geoff. Also lovely to see so many familiar names and faces in this blog entry…all contributing to your well being. Glorious weather down hear. Pastures and crops leaping out of the ground. Will send pic of Bradleys’ canola crop with our little Sam in it…


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