Week 6 – Thursday & Friday –  Friendship and Feedback


Thursday and Friday have gone very well.  I have been home both days and nothing out of the ordinary has occurred with my well-being.  The HITH nurse has arrived around 9.00am on both days and has gone through the standard checks of blood pressure, oxygen levels, etc with the standard questions re pain, eating, drinking etc to check that everything is normal, prior to hooking me up to my antifungal drugs via a portable pump . This visit takes about an hour.  The HITH nurse has 4 or 5 other visits for the day with me usually being the first one.

The small pump for the IV drugs can be worn around my waist like a bum bag.


The rest of the days are generally filled with reading and recently doing a few handyman jobs around the apartment.  We managed to walk to a nearby Bunnings today to purchase a few bits and pieces to fix a few things.

And of course each day I make sure I have enough time time to read the various emails from friends responding to my blog.

This is one aspect of my illness that was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated.  I set the blog up to keep people informed of my progress in a timely fashion.  The alternative was to try and respond to phone calls, texts and emails giving people similar information.  To me this was going to be a huge workload for Jan (who was taking the calls) or frustration for me not being able to respond to all the messages.  (I hate not returning calls or emails).

As it has turned out the Blog has worked well – keeping people informed and allowing them to respond either publicly through a comment or privately through an email.  Some prefer to phone from time to time and, when I can, I take the call, although that is often limited by things that are happening at the time (Nurse changing IV drip or meeting with the Haem Team etc).

It is very humbling to know that I have so many friends (and family) who are happy to follow my progress and who feel that in some strange way the blog has helped them understand their own lives and situation.  It is probably my philosophical musings on topics such as happiness or resilience that have kept people engaged.  But whatever the topic I have had some marvellous feedback.

And it is the feedback that has strangely become important to my recovery process.  Some friends write just a few words of support yet others will write a page or more of support or analysis of my last blog, relating this to their own lives – and these ones I will read three of four times  before being stored away.  John Hawkins, Andy Irvine, Geoff Breust and Paul Murray are just a few who have penned long responses – I love them.  Others prefer to phone in to let me know how things are going in their lives, which is fantastic, when I can take the call, and the welcome distraction from the medical happenings.

People are surprised that I am happy to share my thoughts as I move through this strange process, but for me it is a way of sharing ideas with others.

I love the feedback that I get, and when I think about it everyone loves feedback.  Whether it is a child growing up looking for feedback from their parents/teachers or people in a workplace.  Feedback is something that makes a difference and although it takes some thought and energy it generally does not cost much.  Studies have shown than positive feedback is often better for work moral than a bonus.  Who would have thought?

So for me I am grateful for the feedback and although I don’t consider myself a social media junkie I am happy to read the comments as they come in and are very appreciative that people take the time to do so.

As I’ve said this is an important part of my healing process and certainly keeps me very positive, which I know has a massive impact on how one responds to medical treatment – thankyou!


9 thoughts on “Week 6 – Thursday & Friday –  Friendship and Feedback

  1. 100 percent I believe that feeling valued is worth more than dollars could ever provide! 😊
    I look forward to your updates Geoff, as you step forward each time in your healing. Still in my thoughts and love to Jan and family too.


  2. Morning Geoff.lovely post and thoughts from you . Annette here. Am looking forward to seeing the creation you are knitting. Craft i find is a good time filler although for many it is much more than this. Especially for moi!! I have heard some lovely stories over the years of things that have been created while families were waiting …….. And i have often been the one to apoligse for delay or being the person that is late and wondered how best to explain this?!? And i have come to a simple explaination that while hospitals are often inefficent the common factor is people. They are at the centre of our work. So it goes that time is given more to some when needed and less at times. But short cuts don’t really exist.
    Love to hear what you have any time and motion thoughts! Much love to you both. Annette


  3. There is another benefit from your blog which you may not have thought of. Those of us who don’t really like posting comment or material on any type of social media, but want to remain in contact with you are being coerced out of their comfort zone. Bout time we all got with the times hey! Looking forward to your next controversial blog topic, it is sparking more discussion and debate here in Wagga than you may realise!


  4. Couldn’t agree more Geoff and I for one know what a master of Feedback you and Jan both are. Wish I could have written this note to you in the same format Jan used to write all my Feedback notes in a Mind Map. I loved deciphering Jan’s Hieroglyphics!!! Keep Smiling Geoff and thanks for the updates.


  5. We went to the Illabo Show today. Just the same as always.
    There were no entries for man made knitted articles! However, I found this beautiful hand made patchwork quilt made by a group in June with these messages worked into it.
    ” What Cancer Cannot Do”
    Erase Confidence
    Steel Humour
    Erase Memories
    Conquer the Spirit
    Invade the Soul
    Stifle Laughter
    Silence Courage
    Shatter Hope
    Kill Friendship
    Carrode Faith
    Destroy Peace
    Cripple Love.”
    A good message for all of us.
    Many family and friends sent best wishes to you both. Love Dad and Mum.


  6. I don’t always leave a comment – but I am often checking to see the latest update! I am “Enjoying” reading about your journey, your positive outlook and of course your philosophical insights!


  7. Hi Geoff. Along with others we have become avid readers of your blog, and share with you the highs and lows of your journey. We continue to wish you every success as your treatment continues. Regards to Jan and the family.
    Bob and Heather Charlton.


  8. Hi Geoff, it has been some time since I read your last blog and by the length of this last one it would take me a while to get through all of the ones I have missed, so I may not worry about that at the moment. By the sounds of things you seem to be travelling along ok apart from the dreaded lung infection, so I hope that is correct. Just wanted to let you know that I do think about you often while working away @ Aviair x. Take care and I will try and keep up a little better on your blogs. Love to you & Jan. Regards Yvonne Van Der Wees.


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