Week 6/7 Monday & Tuesday

Monday and Tuesday have been great days with more visitors and very little to report on the medical front. My lung condition continues to improve and the pain subsides. I’ve been sleeping well and managing a few good walks during the day.

Best to post a few pics to describe the last few days.

Jan’s uncle David loves home knitted socks so I have promised him a pair once the beanie gets knitted. In the meantime I’ve given him a brand new pair surplus to requirement thanks to Robyn Kibble.
Jan’s parents Helen and Allen Sheridan made their first visit to Melbourne since my illness. It was great to see them. I think they were surprised that I looked so alive!
Helen celebrated a birthday on Tuesday so Jan creatively baked a ‘breakfast cake’ to mark the occasion.
Good friend Peter Clucas flew his Cirrus SR20 (the one with the parachute) down from Wagga with David Foster and Mark Hillis for a visit. We all went out to the local pub “The Woolshed” for lunch. Lachy joined us as did David’s son Jordan who works in Docklands.
Hard work flying to Melbourne! Although David did remind me he got up at 4.00am to clear the desk prior to leaving!
And flying back after a few wines for lunch………… tough life.

3 thoughts on “Week 6/7 Monday & Tuesday

    1. Rough looking crew Geoff, and tired, you must have worn them out! Or it is the way Pete flies?
      Was sorry I couldn’t tag along – too much going on!
      Cheers hodgey


  1. Glad you had a great lunch with the Wagga boys, Geoff. Clucie extended an invitation but I was in Sydney from last Thursday and it didn’t work out for Tuesday as we had a commitment Tuesday morning and then drive home. Had they boys travelled on Monday I would have flown down from Sydney for the day. Will try another day. Was in Sydney for meetings with potential customers for our mill – looks like we’ve snagged a launch one!

    The golf under Hodgie’s new name, Navigate, has started and we won’t miss your bush ranger scores – which is the only good thing to come out of all this!

    Son James started with Qantas yesterday – long haul on the A330 based in Sydney – having finishing with Jetstar last Friday.

    Very pleased things are looking up and you’re much more comfortable.

    Give Jan an extra hug. She must be pleased.


    Geoff B


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