Days 32, 33 and 34 – Home Pottering

Since my last blog time has moved on pretty quickly.  We have been lucky to have a few visitors pop in including David Foster (Down for the Footy grand final) and ex neighbours Steve and Jenni Butt and Harry and Min Youngman from Hamilton.  On top of that my parents have been in Melbourne for a few days with regular visits to our apartment. (They chose to return to Cootamundra on the Sat night XPT but found it was 1.5 hrs late in leaving – getting them in at 3.00am.  Not bad for 80 year olds!)


On one day I walked (or my parents walked me) over to the Melbourne Star (the large viewing wheel equivalent to the London Eye) for a scenic view of Melbourne.  I think my parents were more fascinated than me but then again I get a similar view most times we fly into Essendon.  When our cabin reached the top of the arc we had a clear view back to our apartment in Docklands and I texted Jan to wave the red flag from the balcony.  And believe it or not we could see her from the Star clearly (probably only 1.5kms away).

Most days have entailed sleep, eat, rest, eat, eat some more and reading or TV.  Very restful really but despite all the eating I have not been able to put on weight, maintaining a steady 77.0 kgs which is about 8 kgs less than my normal fighting weight.  This is the weird thing prior to my illness I had to watch my food intake carefully as I’d easily add 1-2 kgs after a week of ‘ good living’.   Now I am having 8 or so meals a day including protein thick shakes and smoothies and not putting on weight.

All that I can conclude is that my body is soaking up all of the nutrition for repair.

Saturday morning I had trouble with the dressing on my Hickman line (the cannula to the heart) and had to call Ward 7B for instructions.  They suggested I came in ASAP for the dressing to be changed, which resulted in a great outcome, 2 hrs later.  Not bad for hospital time!  I tried to get my results from the Biopsy but the nurses were not allowed to release this (even if they have it), so unfortunately it will be a wait until Wednesday when I see my consultant John Seymour.

Sleep has still been a bit of an issue, although I seem to be averaging 6 hrs a night with a few breaks. The 4.30am wake up has been a constant although now with Daylight saving this bumps it to 5.30 which is much more respectable.

Lachy has been down in Tassie this weekend and is bringing Jan’s car back on the Spirit of Tasmania, Sunday night.  We took the opportunity to give him a long list of things to bring home such as clothes, hats, a few documents, a painting and my bagpipes!  I reckon if I can play the bagpipes I’ll know I’m almost cured!

So at the moment life is pretty good.  I am comfortable at home, Jan is cooking me lots of lovely meals, we’ve had a few visitors and I’m resting up for the next round of Chemo.

9 thoughts on “Days 32, 33 and 34 – Home Pottering

  1. Great post again Geoffrey.

    Terrific weather down there as well by the looks.

    Bev and I came back to Wagga this weekend, and have caught up with a fair few of our mutual mates at the Picnic Races on Saturday – a fabulous day out enjoyed by all. Most people we spoke to discussed you and your most amazing blog. We all agreed that you are a very special human being. Caught up with Gio at the Kooringal Hotel last night and he agreed too.

    That was followed by a ride this morning in the Gears and Beers.

    Of course, on course was the officials at each important corner, waving flags and ringing bells for the riders. The early blokes were all Wollundry Rotarians, most of whom I got to say g’day to at the festival.

    They look like hosting 1750 registered riders, and when we left the venue at 2pm, there was a line up to get in. The area was already bursting at the seams with endorphin filled riders, partners, kids, hangers-ons, and the music was bopping. A magic event once again, organised by a very dedicated crew.

    Tim Barter was enjoying being an Indian this year. Smiling.

    Keep up the good work.


    Andrew Irvine



  2. Thank you and Jan for a lovely few days with you. The trip on the train was OK, but we had to scrape the ice off the windscreen before we could drive home! Coming in at 3 am took us back to our youth when that was normal after a party or a ball. Love H and H


  3. Geoff I read your blog with interest every day and am thrilled with the recent positive entries….. Well Done!
    Sally & I Think of you and Jan (and all your family) all the time.
    Keep up the good work

    Roger C Wakefield
    MANAGING Director


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    t: 03 5480 7087 m: 0427 344 003
    Like us: /KoberEchuca

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  4. Haha cheeky, Hugh is funny!
    We are very happy to read all the good news, but Geoffrey, may be you shouldn’t play the bagpipes in your condition. Read the story about the Aberdeen bagpiper first! It’s rare but so was your chewing gum story. I remember this, it was in the newspaper last year. It got me worried…May be you can play the guitar …
    Anyway, hope you can enjoy music and Jans cooking and all the other things that come with being at home! XXX


  5. Hi Geoffrey. Thanks for breakfast on Saturday. It was great to see you and Jan. The footy turned out to be a great result for us long suffering Richmond supporters.


  6. Rob & I will be interested to see a photo of you playing the bagpipes – maybe you can even do a video so we can hear you!!


  7. Hi Geoffrey (and Jan off course)!

    Great to read your posts, i’m loving the occasional jokes! And at the same time very educational for a med student like me 🙂
    I’m thinking about the view you’ve got from the apartment in Melbourne now, still very jealous about that!
    Enjoy the moment, your friends and family and…

    Remember, there’s a Belgian family rooting for you with every post! haha



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