Days 35 and 36 – Who’s counting?

Dear readers – I don’t have much to report other than I am still out of hospital and enjoying being at home.  The days seem to whizz by but I’m not really counting anymore.

On Monday I was required to go back to the Peter Mac hospital for a blood sample which was pretty straight forward.  The wait was only 30 mins once I had cleared my paper work so for a pathology lab that is pretty good (anyone who has tried a fasting blood test will find big queues of similar people at their local pathology lab – just waiting to get it over with and have some breakfast!).  The good thing about the Hickman line is no needles are required and it is so quick to extract the blood – straight from the heart.

Jan took me on a little shopping excursion that morning to look for some new household items missing from our ‘home’.  Lots of walking – about 10,000 steps with a few items purchased.


Also today Jan framed and I hung the drawings done by Ned (7), Maggie (7) and Jack (6) Sheridan to remind my bone marrow what it should be producing. The kids drew these images after checking out the info on the Haematology 101 pages of the blog. Thanks guys, I see these every time I get up out of bed.

kids drawings

Monday was a glorious day weather wise so Lachy took me back out for more drone lessons – on the pier just west of our apartment.  Things were going pretty well until the Drone lost its GPS signal (luckily only briefly) and it wandered off track. The only problem with flying the drone in Melbourne is the lack of good open space.  I managed to get a few good pics of him skating on the old Dockside area of Docklands.



Tomorrow is the big day (test results from the Bone Marrow Biopsy) so I will make sure I report in.

PS.  I received a lovely Penguin book in the mail today titled “A Confederacy of Dunces” it came direct from the Hill of Content Bookshop, but no name or sender details  – if anyone knows anything about this – many thanks!!

4 thoughts on “Days 35 and 36 – Who’s counting?

  1. Bloody hell Geoff and Jan… We have only just heard about all you have been going through.
    Sending our love and please let us know if/ when you would like a visit … or if there is anything we can do???
    Caroline and Jason. XX ❤️


  2. Don’t forget to do a RAIM check before your next Drone flight Geoffrey or you might have another confession for Father Fred.
    Had to take a bloody commercial flight to Maroochydore today hurry up and get better.


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