Day 30/31  Good news has arrived

Although Wednesday was a pretty quiet day the big news was my brother Tony was identified as a positive donor for Bone Marrow!  This was great news and in fact made my day.

I received this information from Liz O’Flaherty the bone marrow donor co-ordinator after I had emailed her seeking some information , it had been over two weeks since Tony was blood tested and Fiona swabbed for samples.

Liz replied “Hi Geoff, Yes we have great news for you! Your brother Tony is matched and a suitable donor. I have informed John Seymour and he was going to share the news with you at your appointment next Wednesday. Could you let Tony know?”

Let him know!  I was on the mobile straight away to my brother but unfortunately he was out of range.  Having eventually contacted Tony and sought his approval I let our entire family know the good news via our Family (Immediate) and Sibs (extended including grandies) WhatsApp.

The messages of relief started flowing in.

Fancy Liz thinking I’d like to wait another week almost to get the news from John!

This was in fact contrary to all family thoughts that my sister Fiona would be the best donor match.

The Doctors say there is only a 25% match with a sibling but in fact my clever son Lachy worked out the statistics based on two family members – no it is not 50% because as he says it is like rolling a 4 sided dice (25% chance per side).  After two rolls (two siblings) the chance of one matching rises to 7/16 (44%).  So this time I got a lucky roll!

Lachy’s back of the envelope statistical calculations for 2 rolls of a 4 sided dice

Late on Wednesday afternoon we met up with Jan’s brother Dreamy and his partner Heather and their children Maggie, Ned and Jack in the local park. The kids had each  drawn their interpretation of Geoff’s immune system after reading about the immune cells on Haematology 101.

Thursday panned out at as per expectations – awake at the usual 4.30am for some meditation.  It took me 1.5 hrs to complete a simple exercise.  That is to take 27 deep breaths, counting from 27 to 26 to 25 etc etc to 0 without the mind wandering.   Try it!  I mostly got stuck with my mind wandering off prior to reaching 20.  Interesting exercise.

We were up for an early walk around Docklands and the marinas before showering and heading off to Peter Mac (Cancer Institute) for the Bone Marrow Biopsy.  No breaky as I was fasting.

FullSizeRender - Copy
Waiting at Peter Mac

The Biopsy went well (I chose the light sedation this time rather than just local anaesthetic).

Todays blood results show a big improvement, Hb at 113 almost back in the range), Platelets at 276  (back in the range) and Neutrophils 6.4 ( well back in the range)

From there it was back to the apartment to do errands and for the usual eating (at present I am losing around 0.5 kgs per day even with eating 8 small meals a day!), reading and sleeping – bliss really!  This is something I have never come across in my life.  Putting on too much weight is the normal problem for me.

FullSizeRender 2 - Copy
off to do the errands!!

My parents are on the train this afternoon down from Cootamundra for a few days visit.  It will be good to see them again in my home environment rather than in hospital.  We will meet them at Spencer Street Station and walk them to their apartment before having dinner at our place.

I’ll wait a few days for the next post so everyone can get over Grand Final Fever!   Good luck to your teams but for me it is the Tigers and the Storm.  Cameron Smith is a true legend as is Billy Slater.

21 thoughts on “Day 30/31  Good news has arrived

  1. Oh My Geoff – that is just fantastic news – we are so so pleased for you all – looking forward to the video of your ‘happy dance’ … I’m sure there was one ..! Another little bite of the elephant – yay!


  2. Very exciting news Geoff!!!
    Relieved and pleased that a donor match has been found and all tests are returning to normal.
    From the Rouch Family


  3. G’day Geoffrey,

    Only have read the first paragraph of the post, and have to reply, saying ‘how good is that?’

    We are delighted.

    By the sounds, your visits for chemo will now be limited.

    Good on you matey, and will be drinking your good health on Saturday – Picnic Races, and Sunday – Gears and Beers.


    Andrew Irvine 254 Elizabeth Drive Vincentia NSW 2540

    0437 694 010 02 4441 5767



  4. Great news. I hope your teams are like you – and have a win. Enjoy the weekend while we all work away at the Gears & Beers. We missed you at the Aero Club AGM and Open Day this year.


  5. Just got back from the Footy Show at Rod laver and just had to check the “MEDIBLOG” What terrific news! I am a little worried about the blue socks. Are they a pair or just a couple you found in the odd sock draw at Docklands !!!


  6. Fantasic news. Must be a big relief, having a match in family instead of someone unknown. Hope they will transplant soon.


  7. Fantastic news Geoff,although from your posts it seems that there is still a lot of treatment to go
    Like you I have the gaining rather than losing weight issue-but prefer not to have to go through all your hardships.
    Still following posts which give us a great insight to your treatment and mental/physical status
    Our thoughts are with you every day
    Cathy and Chris


  8. That is just the best news. Everything looks positive, although the next round of chemo will not be nice.

    Mark “Wally” Wallace is in the Peter Mac too for his cancer treatment – not sure if you were aware of this.

    Enjoy the weekend and eating – what a nice place to be – having to eat extra instead of not!

    Gears and Beers this weekend – incredible number of starters. Weather looks like it will be OK too.

    Take care



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