Day 29 – What a wonderful day


Today’s blog is one of bliss. Sunshine, cool start on my 6.30am walk with Jan but a glorious sunny day throughout.  Why can’t Melbourne turn this on more often? (A: because it would not be Melbourne!)

After 6 or so hours of uninterrupted sleep I woke at my usual time of 4.30am to plan the day (and join Jan in a meditation session).  Off for a walk and then breaky etc etc all boring stuff, but for me Bliss, there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed!

The day involved a few calls in the morning and a lovely home-made sweet potato soup then quick nap (1 hr thanks!) before heading down to Port Melbourne with Lachy for my first real drone lesson.

Lachy had spent some time last night using a simulator to show me the controls but nothing beats the real thing!  We found a great spot at the Western end of the beach and spent the next hour or so together flying – yes can you believe it flying again so soon!


But where to from here?

My program for recovery is a moving target at present but this is what I do know:

Bone Marrow Biopsy Thursday – results in 2-3 days (early next week).  This one is critical for planning the next step in the recovery process.

If the Biopsy goes well then we seek the Bone Marrow Donor – my brother Tony, and sister Fiona have both been tested but we have no answer as to their compatibility yet – both are willing but the blood stars have to line up – there is a 25% chance.

If they don’t match then the Medical Team search the world database of Bone Marrow Donors (30 million peoplemost of whom are in Germany apparently).  Other family members ie. Father, mother, son, daughter do not come close due to the basic Mendalian theory of cross breeding.

If a match is found then I go through another round of Chemo to nuke all cells again (just to make sure) and the Bone Marrow Transplant occurs.  After that there is more time in hospital but I am not sure of the periods.

If a match is not found immediately I would need to report back in to hospital fairly regularly for Chemo and other tests until a donor is found.

If the Biopsy delivers an unfavourable result ( the White Blood Cells  blasts are the ones they are interested in – they must be less than 5% of WBCs they were 79% of my WBCs when I entered hospital 4 weeks ago!!!) then we are in for a much longer ride.

Basically I am re-admitted for another round of Chemo (let’s call that a month) and we go through the Biopsy process again (and again if needed, and again).  I can see the months ticking by……….

Leukemia (apparently that is the American version!) or Leukaemia for the more traditional/British (both are OK) is not a short term disease.  This process may well go on for 6 mths or more.

All that I can say is I am in fabulous hands with the Medical Professionals at RMH and they are doing an excellent job focusing on me as an individual and looking at the best ways for me to Beat Leukemia.

It has been a wonderful having Claire and her boyfriend Nick over for a long weekend.  Claire’s cooking is amazing and Nick has now delivered a master class on how to edit videos and add music – new skill for the old dog.

As of tomorrow I am backing off on the daily blog and will look at every 2 or 3 days.  No one wants to read about my breakfast or daily walks!  Rest assured I will keep new information coming as I think this is the best way to inform my family and friends about progress – and for some strange reason people keep reading the Blog and sending me lovely messages – which I am truly grateful for.


 For those with the medical/technical mind Jan has uploaded a new Doc under Haematology 101 which covers the basics of Leukemia.



PS The Dog nearly peed on my new drone prior to takeoff!

8 thoughts on “Day 29 – What a wonderful day

  1. Goeffry, if we can test our marrow please let us know. My cousin gave marrow to a total stranger. Just let us know how to proceed. ❤️Katie in America. (Your favorite American)


  2. Hi Geoff,
    Great to see you out and about! I’ve sent you an email to the twosheds address … let me know if this is your best email contact 😊


  3. The blog has been great Geoff but I’m so happy that daily life will be falling into a boring routine not warranting blog entries. It’s the simply every day that is familiar and secure and wonderful.
    I really hope you’re part of the 25% for positive matching!!!!
    But seriously, what is this 4.30am start rubbish. Have a sleep in, you’ve earned it.
    Kath xx


  4. Cheers Geoff – yes, bliss indeed.

    Thankfully no angry kangaroos near Port Melbourne and the drones were safe!

    Crops are drying off so quickly – with frost damage, lack of rain and high winds, many growers are cutting silage and putting the sheep in. Southern NSW and Victoria are still hanging in, but need rain over the coming week. Nothing really being forecast.

    So pleased you are getting back to “normal” .

    Take care.



  5. Geoff, I love reading your blogs. So much inspiration! So pleased to hear you are enjoying the small things (yes, theres nothing like sleeping in your own bed!) But Id have to agree with Kathy re the 4.30am start – thats still the middle of the night!!!! Keep smiling!


  6. Dear Geoff,
    I admit that I’m going to miss the daily dose of Geoffosophy but so thrilled you now have other things to fill in your days.
    Fingers crossed for a positive bone marrow test result early next week.
    Love to you all
    Katrina and Steve


  7. Hi Geoff! Great news that Splurge has come through on the bone marrow front – best gift ever! Its such a brutal process but you are doing great – your positive outlook and determination are an inspiration. xChrissy & James


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