Day 28- Happy Days – Release from Hospital     

After spending more than 25 days in hospital today was the day when I was to be released on a “hospital at home” program.

The medical team made an early visit with some excellent news.  They had worked out a way to convert all of my medication to oral (pills) rather than a combination of Oral and IV.  This was a game changer as it now meant that I could self administer (with Jan’s help of course!) the myriad of drugs that I needed and would not need an IV drip for the fungal treatment that I am on.  Happy Days!

This news meant that rather than waiting for the full day for the last IV dosage I could more or less pack up and go.  This was at about 9.30am so I started thinking 20 minutes and we are gone – until I remembered the good old “Hospital Time” saying that had been plaguing me for the past 3 or 4 weeks – nothing moves quickly in a large public hospital!

And it looked like other than returning for some blood samples and the Bone Marrow Biopsy I could be free at home without drips and buzzers for up to a week.  Happy Days!  I should make it clear that I have no complaints about the standard of care and support at the hospital.  The nurses were all fantastic health care professionals but it is the lack of sleep that almost kills you (they say sleep deprivation is a form of torture and I can see why).

Before I let the medical team go we had a paper plane throw off with the planes I had made today.

So after packing the room (it took ages to remove all the photos and cards – thankyou everyone), it was a long wait to get Kate the Pharmacist to package together the drugs I would need for the next week.  We also had a visit from Lisa, the dietitian explaining the benefits of home cooked meals.  With Jan (and Claire for a few days) in charge of cooking this was not going to be an issue.

Poor Kate was so worried about holding us up that she personally walked down to the Pharmacy to collect the goodies.  Once back it took about 30mins to go through the drugs, amounts to be taken and the timetable.  I was thrilled – at last we could set the agenda for most things to ensure sleep became a priority.

Just as we were to leave we asked about sleeping tablets.  And then the Hospital clock went into overdrive!  Unfortunately this was going to require a doctor for the script and all doctors were out of the ward at that time.  Another 30 mins and we had our script and at 12.37pm I walked out a free man!

As Jan drove me back to Docklands (our Melbourne home for the time being) the biggest thing I noticed was the glare from the sky.  It was a typical overcast Melbourne day but for me having just had 25 days inside I found I had to close my eyes.

Sitting down for the first home-cooked lunch with sunglasses for glare protection after being in the dark hospital for so long!
Walking in the door of the apartment was magic.  Finally back in familiar territory and Claire and Jan to meet me with a huge bunch of lovely flowers.  I spent the first hour or so just walking around looking at what changed or just how beautiful our lovely apartment was.

Being in Hospital for 25 days certainly makes you appreciate the simple things in life!

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22 thoughts on “Day 28- Happy Days – Release from Hospital     

  1. Wonderful news! I can understand how you must feel. We hope you get the sleep you are looking forward to. How lucky you are to have those two beautiful girls there with you! Love Mum


  2. Hooray! Glad to see you got out and can rest and heal in your home. I read your blog everyday- you are inspiring as always Geoff.
    Sending huge love and thoughts to you and Jan.


  3. Air Hamilton flies again 😊 So glad you didn’t choose to fly like that when Kel and I were on board Captain.
    Loving keeping updated daily on how things are going for you and as always Geoff, you are providing daily food for thought!
    Ongoing love to you all


  4. Great news Geoff. Feel free anytime to jump on the train and head up to sunny Fawkner for a quiet chat and great Nescafe coffee !!!


  5. Wow, you really deserve a week off. It’s amazing how sometimes life goes in slow motion (think of everything that has happened, learnt, experienced in the last 25 days compared to a regular month) now you are back home! Enjoy the break and those home cooked meals. Have you lost a bit of weight? Love to all nicole


  6. Awsome news Geoffrey. Japan here we come get back on that tread mill don’t want to hear any excuses why you cant keep up with the boys in February!!!!!


  7. Good morning Geoffrey Jan and Claire. How wonderful that you have spent the night in your own bed Geoffrey and if the day is anything like wagga weather today you would be soaking it up. Enjoy those simple pleasures


  8. Geoff, I can see and feel your joy at being out of hospital. Such wonderful news. Perth is wet and cold, I’m dreaming of Kununurra blue skies! Lots of love, Kate


  9. Well done Geoff.
    A master plan built on little steps often. Perhaps you could speak to the Wallabies.
    Wendy and I are following with best wishes to you all.
    From all the Dunbars


  10. Great to hear you are out of hospital. Must be an indescribable feeling to be back in your own bed and surrounds. You are doing really well.


  11. Congrats on getting “home” Geoff. So good to see the grin on Jan’s face! So, keep up the good work and hope home and home cooking has wonderful medicinal powers. You’re doing exceedingly well so far. All the best,




  12. Must just be wonderful to come “home” and decide how YOU want the day to be. Having the liberty to eat and sleep and also be without the hospital environment.
    Your blog is wonderful!!
    Autummhellos from fam Tonietti/birgitta Italy


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