Day 27 – Home

I had been enjoying some free time as for the first time since treatment started I had all lines removed from the IV machine and I was free to walk around.  Jan was keen to take me over to the Peter Mac building as it is marvellous architecture and has loads of artwork on the walls.  It really is a fabulous building and if anyone had a spare 20 minutes in Melbourne one day I’d advise a look.  It also contains the LOFT café which today served the best chocolate thickshake I’d had in many a year.

Surprise visit today.  I’d just finished a nap and Kaz and David Hodge called by with a card and present (paper aeroplane kit) just to cheer me up. It was great to see these guys who were down in Melb to see the Tigers smash GWS last night (I think they were still suffering!).

But the big news today was from the medical team, they are happy to release me from hospital for a few days for home treatment.  This basically works with what they call “hospital at home” and a nurse makes a daily visit to check on the IV system and do normal observations.

This should happen late on Monday but as you know I am thinking of just  one day at a time so will cross that bridge when I get to it.

However this got me thinking as to where home is?  Strange thought but we intentionally used our Docklands address when checking into the RMH as this was simple.  A Tasmanian address may have complicated matters.

In my mind Milford, our Tasmanian property is certainly home and has been so since our move at Xmas time.  But for the next 6 mths we are most likely to spend more time at our second home in Docklands.

Back to Tassie- the farm is green most of the year around (with the exception of drought) and although winters can be cold and wet, this year seems to have been pretty mild.  Our house was built in 1835 by the convicts for the first treasurer of Tasmania.

It is a two story brick and sandstone construction with a maids quarters and 4 room cellar. We recently renovated the house ( well mostly under Jan’s close supervision) and it is a beautifully comfortable house to live in now.

Pictures tell a 1000 words so have a look. ( you might be able to spot the new Proway yards that have recently got a mention on Macca’s Australia All Over program)

Unfortunately we won’t be back here for a while but it is still home and I hold the image strongly to help with my recovery process.

Thanks to Nick van Hattem for putting this little video together and MKS for the excellent footage:

7 thoughts on “Day 27 – Home

  1. Hi Geoff
    Here was me thinking St Marys was the centre of the universe but alas your news has only just reached us. I am very impressed with your professionalism in putting together the blog. From the worst news to good news of home. Alison said you needed a car taken over. Can I do that. We are on your team. Very best wishes from Tim and Maryann


  2. Hi Geoff

    More than likely the best word you have heard since coming to Melbourne. Great news.

    As they say, home is where the heart is and no doubt Docklands will be a good home with Jan the family there too.

    Another windy day in Wagga – freak mini tornado did quite a lot of tree damage around Lake Albert last night – we had a black out from around 5.30 to 10.30 – wiped out our roast lamb dinner!!

    AGM at Aero Club today – Committee much the same again.

    Have to pack the bag for home….




  3. Hey Geoffrey,
    I started this sunny autumn day with your blog and found the most beautiful word to be ‘home’! So great that you will be able to spend some time at home with Jan! You have both been so adventurous, or should I say Australian, to have had many homes ( we have been in the same place for 25 years but great anyway)… Tine says your home in Docklands is fantastic and the view from the bedroom is really amazing. It’s clear you both know how to turn any place into a home, even if it’s a hospital room! Your blog is very inspiring, it reminds us to be grateful for all the things we take for granted. Wishing you a great time at home together with Jan. XXX Nadine and family


  4. Hi Geoff
    Amazing how the word “Home” can have so much impact and meaning. The word we’ve been waiting for and expecting. That’s great news Geoff. You are truly an inspiration.
    Eric and Dagmara


  5. What a trouper!! A leave pass already , such an over achiever! Lol . The Aquistion day in my new job is nearing, so I’ll email you updates, lots of fun to come in sure!! Take care xx


  6. Hi Geoff from Canmore. Alberta.

    I was certainly saddened to learn of your hospitalization – but delighted to learn of your blog. I have just read through the entries from September 15 to today (September 24) – intelligent, informative and inspiring to say the least. I recall with have much happiness the marvellous plane trip with you, Jan, Joy and other friends we enjoyed a couple of years ago. Since that time – I have been reflecting alot on my life, made some decisions and implemented changes. This can’t be and wasn’t a knee jerk reaction – in some ways quite painful and full of emotion – but necessary and very worthwhile for me. On the outside, I recently moved to a new condo in Canmore and married a wonderful lady, Jeanne, whom I met a year and a half ago. On the inside, I have taken the time (better part of 3 years) to re-examine my life, restore my soul and take good account of the trail ahead. This has involved a tremendous amount of research, reading and renewing and I am very grateful to
    have been able to make it Through the Dark Wood (Dante). The “Basic Sources of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama and more recently “Life Reimagined – Discovering your New Life Possibilities” by Richard L Leider and Alan M. Webber – both available on Kindle – of interest in the days ahead. I will be giving blood here with good memories of our various times together in Australia – remember when we tried to get a make-up at a Rotary meeting when we were in Uluru overnight – great fun!!

    Very best to Jan and you – Brent


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