Day 26 – Why Write a Blog?

Today has been a great day again (despite the lack of sleep).  In Melbourne it has been a warm and sunny spring day although inside the hospital you would never know – just steady at 21 degrees.

My progress has been good and the Neutrophils are now well up (in fact in the normal range) at 2.2.  Red and white blood cells are also doing well.  I am eating normally (almost – with the caveat that the hospital food is not normal) and my fluid intake seems to be keeping people happy.


Lachy (and Jan) helped me escape for a choccy milk at the next door Peter Mac Institute. What the nurses don’t know can’t hurt them…


I have received fantastic feedback from readers of my Blog.  It is doing exactly as I had hoped – keeping people informed of my progress (the interested few!) and saving me from the impossible task of talking to my well wishers with the same story each time – or even texting the well wishers with the same message.

But sometimes I ask myself – Why am I doing this?   Back in the good old days pre social media people didn’t write blogs or group messages and people survived.

My answer is simple – the support and encouragement I get from my friends and family is an extremely important part of my recovery (maybe I am being self-centred here) and in order to gain such great feedback I have to give something!  It is pretty simple to sit down and write 400 odd words most days (I have struggled on some) and I’ve tried to provide an update on the current medical situation with as much accuracy as possible, plus throw in a bit of Geoff Hamilton philosophy – for better or worse.

If I had to choose my favourite piece so far it would probably be “Getting the affairs in order” – there is a message for all families and business people here.  I know of at least one couple who have made some significant business changes in recent weeks to potentially see their business survive a sudden and drastic illness of one of the two key people.

Another favourite would be “Gratitude”.  This one comes largely from conversations with Jan that “Happiness” is one thing “Gratitude” is another.

So today’s Blog is about the Blog – bit like putting a mirror on a mirror – you see a long way!

peter mac
In the Peter Mac atrium 


12 thoughts on “Day 26 – Why Write a Blog?

  1. Hey Geoff,
    Your blog has become one of my daily rituals. I really look forward to hearing how you are going each day, the ups and downs of your battle, the technical info (which is incredibly interesting) and of course your amazing attitude and humour.

    I can’t wait for the book 🙂


  2. Hey Geoff, Jan and family and friends.

    Before you started this blog I hadn’t ever written on a blog before. But like your daily ritual, your blog has turned in to my daily ritual…well most days. Before retiring each night I read your update and words of wisdom and try to relate that to my lot. Also try to pass on a taste of routine in Wagga and hopefully a little humour some very lame and others…well I thought were a bit funny.

    So pleased to hear the counts are in the right range and you are escaping the ward for the one next door……soon it will be out past the guards and over the wall.

    I did a bit of research today re chewing gum and the bed post question…in terms of who remembered the ditty. This was done during down time at the Aero Club Open Day. It was well remembered but only by those in excess of sixty..or more likely over 65! If you didn’t watch the you tube link I included in the comment, the question put by the tune was….Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bed post overnight?

    No real answer was forthcoming from the ditty and those discussing it today. Perhaps this could be a special research job for you to help pass some of the time.

    Apologies for the extra long response tonight. But have been sitting here in the dark for some hours now…..had a blackout from around 6 pm…..

    Weather terrible…like Birdsville the other week…hot, very windy / blustery and much raised dust. Spoiled a good Open Day.

    Have a very restful night and I hope to hear of even greater exploits out of the ward tomorrow




  3. Another great post Geoffrey.

    Good work.

    You have always been a great communicator, and it is infectious. Ha ha. Not too infectious hopefully.

    You are most certainly on the road to recovery, and for that, we are all feeling truly thankful.

    Mum and Dad are still in Canberra until the 5th of October, with Dad in re-hab following a triple bypass.

    Mum says there are three times.

    Day-time. Night-time. Hospital time.

    I think she relates to this because she is a very active, contributing and mindful soul, and for the moment, has to concentrate on dad’s procedure, which means everything else has to go on hold for the minute.

    Much like your self really.

    I walked Baxter yesterday, which is unusual, as Bev is the regular walker of Baxter, but she had jumped in the car and headed off for a swim, and had asked me to run him around the block to wee.

    As it turned out, we walked for 2.5 km, paths and beaches.

    He did a poo as well.

    On the narrow path up from the beach to the house, he stopped in front of a timber step.

    I have no idea why he stopped, but I just stopped behind him, and was quite content to wait until he decided to move again.

    In the time it took him to move again, I reflected on the reflections you provided whilst you were the President of the Wollundry Rotary Club.

    Quite interesting really.

    Baxter was still for much longer than your reflection times at the meetings, so I reflected even more on reflections.

    I think they are a good thing, and perhaps we don’t get the opportunities to reflect as much as we used to/would like to/should…..- could have/should have/would have – didn’t …mostly.

    Maybe in some way, hospital time and reflection time could come along hand in hand and in the end be the time out hat we all need from time time.

    Far be it for me to prophesy though.

    Wishing you a hasty recovery, so that you can get back to being that active, contributing mindful soul in your own space.

    Feeling so grateful that humans are so adaptive to their environment and predicaments so as to exist happily. Cheers

    Andrew Irvine 254 Elizabeth Drive Vincentia NSW 2540

    0437 694 010 02 4441 5767



  4. You don’t know me Geoff but my daughter Rachel Scarlett holds you in high regard and remembers her time working with you as very happy. She alerted me to your blog and it’s very inspiring. Thank you for sharing it. I wish you well. Your positivity and determination is inspiring.


  5. Comment: Hello Geoff,

    So pleased you’re progressing well & that the last 2 days have been good days. Your blog has become part of my daily ritual also. We are all with you & have you, Jan, Claire, Lachy & Dougall in our thoughts as well.

    Much love
    Cange x


  6. Hey Geoff and Jan,
    I too love the blog and have certainly felt more connected and so much more informed, so thank you. The blog on the house Reno would have been good too! Fancy those swannies having such a bad night. I wasn’t nervous at all but it went downhill very quickly.
    That’s great neutrophil news. Bodies and doctors- such respect. We talk and think about you all often, willing you onward and upward. Jan is looking fab ( how does she do it) Take care, love Nicole


  7. Hi Geoff, Glad to see you’re responding well to your treatment. Plenty of blood donors are coming into Wagga BDC at the moment and quite a few are either first timers or lapsed donors who have heard of your current situation and therefore reminded of the need to give blood. Keep those good blood results coming . Think of you and your family often. Angie and Gerry Gerlach

    Sent from my iPhone



  8. Hi Geoff, we were out with Gerlach’s last night and she mentioned your blog. Being technically challenged I was so pleased to find it! I read the entire 26 days before sleep time. I admire your positive and determined attitude to beat this incidious disease, the challengers you are faced with on this journey to recovery have left me gasping!! The will to get better is certainly got to be strong and how lucky you are to have the support of your family and friends. We will certainly follow your progress closely and our thoughts and best wishes are with you all! Ros & Jock


  9. Hi Geoff,
    Way before social media became popular I wrote a blog from 2008-2014 just about our life on the farm. It was lovely to get comments from all over the world from people who appreciated learning a little bit about grain production in little old Marrar! It was nice to educate people on where their food comes from and who produces it.
    I had each year of the blog printed into a book – there’s nothing like having a hard copy! So I’d definitely recommend you having your blog printed for future generations of your family to look back on.
    So glad to hear things are on the up for you!


  10. I have also enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading the day’s adventures.
    Your honest and frank assessment is interesting and inspiring.
    Keep up the upward progress health wise and continue to steal the occasional moments of pleasure.
    My love and hugs to you all.

    Amanda xx


  11. G’day Geoff. I can imagine how you love hospitals. More than one day is enough for me. I am sure that you are very pleased to be out at the moment and with your family and own bed. We all had a great time in Birdsville and it was totally different to last year. The boys tried to get me to fight the Beaver but I have never socked a woman and besides I wouldn’t like to get beaten !! The aero club open day had to put up with very strong winds with some of the locals having to leave their planes on the ground. Lucky the hurricane type winds didn’t come til after five. The golf course was a real mess and Col Duff lost three large trees with at least a half metre diameter. I ended up with the secretary position at the aeroclub which will be a challenge for someone who doesn’t know what the initials stand for. I know with your positive outlook that you will beat your affliction even though it may take some time. With Jan to hold your hand and family caring for you, one can only expect the best for you. I’ll give you a report on the Gears and Beers event next week. All the best. CROZ


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