Day 25 – The tide has turned and I am Grateful

My little trip with my friend Endone helped my back pain to no end last night and when topped up with Panadol I managed to get one of the best sleeps since arriving (still only about 4 hours but pretty much unbroken).  Wide awake and ready to go at 4.00am is probably a little early so after a few more nods I hit the road (treadmill) at 6.30am feeling pretty good.

Tim, my nurse for the morning shift was happy to bring in the new blood results.  Red 86, WCC 1.5 and best of all Neutrophils 1.2 – we are away!  These should build pretty quickly from here.

AND today is the first day where I don’t have to down the smelly, greasy, yellowy Midostaurian drugs  – that course is now complete!  Another reason to celebrate.

 Midostaurin – despite their smell, I’ve been grateful for being allowed to access this treatment before its approval for use in my condition in Australia

So from this point I should start returning to a more ‘normal’ life – if such a thing exists.

I received some marvellous cards and books from friends today – thankyou so much!  And a special bonus in my first every “Disabled Car Park”card – no more long walks to find a decent park!


I’ve had a bit of time to think about the matters that I am grateful for and there are many.  Jan had sent me an email recently expressing some of these ideas which I have reflected on.

I am grateful for the following:

  • the basic, being alive and in no great danger
  • the physical, having good health (small hiccup here) and more worldly possessions than most (I know it is not a game),
  • the emotional, having a loving wife, children, family and lots of friends and acquaintances who really care about me generally and our current situation more specifically.
  • also having experienced so many fabulous things throughout my life to reminisce and think about including OS travel
  • The good fortune to have experienced at least 6 or 7 different work careers each in a varied and different area of interest (farming, engineering, training, childcare, development, aviation, and others)
  • the metaphysical, having the ability to think, reason, hypothesise and philosophise


So when you consider the huge range of things in my life that I have experienced and although not all has gone to the plan I have a huge amount to be grateful for.

Perhaps the most important thing to be grateful for at present is the current support and care provided by the wonderful staff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.  Without their input I would not be here.

8 thoughts on “Day 25 – The tide has turned and I am Grateful

  1. Great results!



    I am so excited as well.

    Thank you midostaurian.

    Keep up the metaphysical, it is keeping you out of harms way.

    Another terrific post.

    Andrew Irvine 254 Elizabeth Drive Vincentia NSW 2540

    0437 694 010 02 4441 5767



  2. Wonderful news Geoff . You have held the line with your positive attitude, courage and your candid sharing of this challenge.
    We are all sending our love


  3. Fantastic progress!! Just wondering if that disabled sticker gets you a special front door spot at airports with your plane? 🤣


  4. Great news Geoff – the tide is turning.

    You’ll soon be able to use the disabled parking permit airside at Launceston, Melbourne and Wagga airports.

    Wagga boys spent the day preparing for the WCAC Open Day tomorrow. Expect god weather and a good turnout.

    Sunday, a squadron fly past at Crookies at Harefield – moving in to town farewell.

    Let’s try for six hours of good sleep tonight.




  5. Geoff

    I had a few encounters with Endone when my knees were repaced

    One night I had not long had the 4am supply and shortly after the day shift came on,As I was still in pain they gave me a hit of morphine the impact was very different faces coming out of the curtains, people running around the bed etc This however pailled to the experience of a mate who had the same meds given and also was post knee replacement the poor bastard got snakes in his bed very painful experience

    Very pleased to hear of progress.I only just joined as Annette asked me recently if I had followed up from your initial blog (?) and I did not know the procedure had to be folllowed so she fixed it

    So go GWS tonight and also Sydney roosters

    John F

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  6. Hi Geoff,
    Have read the whole Blog – Very gutsy frankly!
    I can see that hospital-food is truly cringe-worthy — >
    It must be just about time for some Hospital-Beer.
    Much Love
    Paul H


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