Day 17 – “Getting the Affairs in Order”

We often read or hear about people who are told by their doctors to get their “affairs in order”.

Thankfully this advice has not come from my doctors but as I could be sick for quite a while Jan and I have taken a few moments at an appropriate times in the last couple of weeks to review our situation.

I guess I have now been run over by my “bus” that everyone hopes will not strike them but as we all know it could be just around the corner! Live every day like it might be your last would be a great motto (within consideration for all those family men!)

Ever since we married and had children we have always kept Wills and these have been updated from time to time most recently with the help of the wonderful Tammy Holzheimer at Commins Hendriks.

A simple thing, but it is amazing how quickly things change with children growing up etc whereby your current Will does not really stack up too well.  We last updated our Wills in 2014 and a quick read with Tammy revealed all was still in order.


Next to be reviewed were the Enduring Guardianship and Power of Attorney documents.  The Enduring Guardianship document gives Jan the power to make medical and lifestyle choices for me if I am unable while the Power of Attorney is more about making business decisions on my behalf if I do not have the capacity.

We also touched on the bigger discussions re death and what life might look like in the future for Jan.  Although we spent some time on this I won’t go into too much detail as at this stage my condition is not considered to require urgent attention in this area.

The final thing was a string of discussions with our Melbourne Lawyer, Rob Jeremiah of Sladen Legal.


Rob has helped us set up family trusts and the like over the years and is a guru in the area of protecting assets and ensuring that they are passed on down the family line.

We discussed the notion of bringing the children into the mix.  His first question was “Will they be hostile?”  I think he had visions of Gina Rinehart’s very public battle with her children over family assets.

Having allayed any fears about our family’s relationships we agreed to restructure our family trusts to give us a little more flexibility going forward.

As for my day in hospital, pretty much a repeat of yesterday with a high temp and more drugs and one bag of platelets and two bags of red blood cells (Lance eat your heart out).

Another thing on the agenda was a body CT Scan looking for signs of infection and excessive fluid that might be contributing to the high body temps.  This took up most of the afternoon.


Oh and a special visit from my older brother Tony who had flown in from Canberra for the day.  We chatted about general matters and I gave him an overview of where I am up to.  I think he was originally shocked at how sick I looked but after a bag of blood, a shower and a shave I had perked up somewhat which allowed him to leave with a more positive picture of me in his mind.


5 thoughts on “Day 17 – “Getting the Affairs in Order”

  1. Geoff you are an inspiration to be so up beat and positive day after day. Geoff does beat Leukemia and just get on and do it. You sound like you have the best team in place, including the lovely Jan, family and doctors. I will find some crazy photos from Trinity days – all my love Julie Lithgow


  2. Dear Geoff. Thankyou for this incredibly harsh reminder. That bus can come and not when planned. Family dynamics change and it’s important to recognise them too nobody wants a Gina Reinhardt.


  3. The van Hs recently had one of the getting affairs in order conversations – and had the same discussion about managing siblings – and the same happy conclusion that we can all work together (and the same happy coincidence that having an odd number of kids can help decision making…)

    Love the lawyer product placement in this post too – good to see some learned friends doing good work.

    Lots of love from the home of the mighty West Coast Eagles 😛


  4. Your mother used to say. You were always a persistent little brat
    It is paying off now
    Good to plan for the bus coming today but do not overlook you may live to be 100


  5. Afternoon Geoff. It’s a real pity such a dramatic issue requires one to get affairs in order when we really should have it happening as we go. But like most, it’s easy to put it off. So based on your good example, we will have a look at ours again.

    I hate CT scans – not just the noise, but I am pretty claustrophobic and the whole idea of being stuck in a cylinder for what seems like hours does me no good at all. Realistically, though, if that is the worst to put up with then one should really suck it up! Thankfully the couple I’ve had have not been full body – just lower torso and across the chest, ie, my head was out of the machine.

    Weird weather here – mist this morning and a few drops of rain with a quite cold breeze. So much for Spring.

    Had a morning of “assisting” Laurie replace the vac pump on the Bonanza in between calming some egos associated with one of the Boards I’m on. Happy days!! The vac pump died on the way to Orange last Sunday (sheered the nylon drive to the accessory gearbox) but unlike you IFR guys I could look out the window and have two GPSs to make sure re track and heading.

    Its POETS day – which means “Piss of Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday” so I hope you can get some rest this afternoon in readiness for the weekend.



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