Day 16 – Friends and Photos

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday and based on the “one day at a time” theory I am doing pretty well.  Temp spiked just once to 38 degrees.  The rash on upper torso is still very obvious but not annoying (and no Poppa, the nude pics will not be forthcoming).

Today involved another long visit from the medical team with some slight adjustment to the drug regime. And another bag of platelets (to get the count up above 20).  Best of all, a visit from a lady to go through the paperwork on applying for a “Disabled Parking Permit”. No need to walk long distances in the city any more – I wonder if it will apply to Tassie and Wagga?

So I have had plenty of time to go through the mountain of emails and special photos sent through by friends and have uploaded a few to share. These photos and associated messages have been up enormous support for me – Thankyou!

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3 thoughts on “Day 16 – Friends and Photos

  1. Hi Geoff, we are all thinking of you. Mum and dad send their love and best wishes … you will be flying again in no time. Wishes of strength I’m glad you still have your sense of humour. Keep writing.
    With love Georgia, Di, Rod, and Mietta


  2. Geoff, ‘Super good news’ as the young would phrase it, regarding another good day for you.
    Given I have beaten my chest for many years over the fact I don’t do facebook and social media I must confess I thoroughly look forward nightly to reading your blog and most importantly the positive news you open up with. You are absolutely right about the 1 step at a time and understanding this is so important. I really hope you keep the writing up as not only is it educational for I imagine many of us but very entertaining. By the way, you can not be serious about wondering if the Vic “Disabled Parking Permit” works in Tassie ! It is more likely to provide you with full Diplomatic Immunity and perhaps even Tax Free status down there.! What were you thinking ?
    Loved the pic slide show.
    Stay on the mend.


  3. Great pics Geoff. Looking forward to Lachy giving me instructions re uploading pics.

    Always wanted one of those special parking permits but really have no wish to have the complications that go with them….so I suppose there is always a down side.

    You’ll relate to this – good old Wagga City Council. John Smith has done a great job for Wollundry trying to rejuvenate the Sprout and About Farmers’ Market. Part of his strategy involves ten Fozzie printed professional signs on corflute which he places strategically around town the Wednesday before the market and takes them down Saturday afternoon. WWCC in its wisdom last week confiscated all but one (they missed it) on the basis Wollundry had no approval etc etc. They were to charge $50 per sign as a penalty to get them back! Needless to say we are not all impressed. The Mayor will be charged the penalties at my Sergeant session next week.

    Our Council supporting the community!!

    Have a restful night and a lower temperature.


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