Day 18 Pain and Pleasure

Day 18 Mike Rouch cartoon
Thanks Rouchie for the cartoon of wisdom, I’ve taken the right hand turn and I’m halfway up the zig zag!!

This is actually the half way mark of the first phase of my return to health.  Although it is Day 18 since diagnosis it is actually Day 15 of my 28 day treatment cycle.   This is a great milestone.  Not knowing how this whole process would proceed I am very happy that I have made it to this point (one day at a time as they say).

Having had a very ordinary night with high temperatures and substantial abdominal pain I was looking forward to a quiet day – this was not to be the case.

The Doctors were in early for the usual discussions but today they came bearing ‘gifts’.

However before they delivered these gifts I said I thought that I, Dr Geoffrey!, had worked out the reason for my high temps (39.5 last night) and abdominal pain.  Yes, in my medical opinion it had to relate to an infection or some sort of disturbance in my gut.  With the amount of abdominal pain experienced during the night there could be no other answer.

The Doctors said “You are partially correct!!!  We are concerned that you have an inflamed and sore bowel and this has shown up on the CT Scan from yesterday”  They wanted to know if it was more pronounced after eating which at that stage I could not answer – more on this soon.

“However our greater concern is the white mark the CT scan found on your lower right lung.  We believe this is a fungal growth (perhaps from soil born particles) which under normal immune conditions would not be a problem but in your Neutropenic stage will most likely be multiplying leading to the temperatures and other issues” We will be ordering a biopsy – and you will have to fast – more good news!

And we need to talk to you about nutrition. It would appear that you are not keeping food in your system (with constant Diarrhoea) so we want you to talk to an IV Nutritionist.

This was magic to my ears– in fact even pleasurable in a strange way. Up until now I had been forcing small amounts of food down but this was uncomfortable and wasted.

After the doctors left I battled through a shower but my abdominal pain continued to build to a high level.  I promptly threw up when back in bed.  This was the first time I had vomited and it brought instant relief, Pain leading to Pleasure.

The Doctors left having ordered a lung Biopsy hoping it would happen later today.  “You will have a visit from a respiratory consultant to talk through the procedure”

Sure enough people starting knocking on the door and explaining how they could help.


Day 18 Uber eats
Breakfast, lunch and dinner in a bag, plug it in, no need to chew!!
Day 18 Hospital food
No need to pick my way through any more of these for the next few days

And then the Respiratory doctor arrived (I didn’t know these guys existed until I met Adrian Ventner at Sailing Week) took considerable time to talk me through the lung procedure. Radial EBUS – Endo Broncho Ultra sound which sounded very complicated with lots of tubes and probes in your lung but similar to a colonoscopy done under amnesiac sedation and given I’d previously had one of these I was much more at ease.  Harry the registrar did say that it would not happen until Tuesday as they only performed these procedures on Tues and Wednesday!  I’ll have to let my Doctors know this fact!


Day 18- hotlaps
So back to doing hot laps of the ward – now sans Zimmer frame.  I’m almost ready to get back on the horse (treadmill), but still working up to it.


Day 18 the blogger
Cheers, your blogger Geoffrey!
And for those Wagga Blokes playing in the Twomeys’ Golf here is some special news. It will be called the “NAVIGATE NINES”, I think Hodgey has used this in line with his new business name, but it is very apt for people like Clucas who have trouble Navigating 9 holes at the best of times!

6 thoughts on “Day 18 Pain and Pleasure

  1. For someone like me who enjoys eating, having nutrition via IV sounds just too unacceptable. Removing the impact on your digestive system and resultant reduction in the runs and pain must be a very welcome. It’s incredible what you are going through.

    The team of specialists available to you just show how lucky we are to live in this country.

    Fingers crossed on the lung procedures. Hope you have a restful night …..the Swannies need to get their act together really quick otherwise Cluc and others will be inconsolable ….



  2. Morning – how’s your bowels?. ( that was our greeting while traveling thru AsIa in the 70’s) It seems applicable in your case.
    Your blog leaves me speechless. I am blown away by what you are going thru. Your ability to verbalise your feelings and views always impressed me. We have always had interesting discussions – never a dull moment. Thinking of you every day – but knowing your positivity will always win through.
    Those high temperatures are you just trying to prove you are “hot”. Great to hear you are past the half way mark to full recovery. I look forward to a red wine in celebration of your recovery.


  3. Great to see your progress Geoff. Halfway day! Great to see Tony and Fi looking so well after all these years too! Do say hello to them for me.

    But a bit of advice from a fellow calf strain sufferer – take the recovery very slowly. Nothing worse than repeated recurrences. I’m sure there are a zillion doctors that will say the same.

    All the best and look forward to seeing you out and about soon.



  4. Goeff it’s Shaz. Pete very sensitive today after football last night. Your comment has left a profound mark on his already shattered soul 🙂


    1. Tell him to Man up! As Hodges says hard to understand his divine interest in footy given he has never pulled on a pair of boots?!!




  5. I haven’t been game to ring Clucy. Thought i would give him a couple of days to get over it. I would imagine he is on the Tiger train now which has well and truly left the station. Keep up the good work Geoffrey. Half way is always a great point to get to. You may want to keep it quiet when you get to the point where you can have visitors. You won’t get a moment’s rest.


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