Day 9 – “Rest Day”

  • Terrible night with a busy ward full of emergencies, buzzers going off at all hours and busy staff
  • 2-3 hours sleep max.
  • Calf was extremely sore
  • Cannot walk on it/ put any weight on it (so I am now hobbling around)
  • Emergency note on my door saying “likely to fall”
  • Finished Chemo at 2am
  • Started platelets and Red Blood Cells at 8am
  • Ultrasound for damaged calf at some stage this afternoon
  • Discussed ‘lumbar puncture’ with Jo. Set for the next two days, ouch!
  • Another lovely lunch with the family

11 thoughts on “Day 9 – “Rest Day”

  1. Fantastic blog and so professional as we would expect.
    You are going to beat this I know.
    Keep flying dusty.
    PS Good luck flying that drone around the hospital.When I come down for a visit will bring my drone and race ya around the ward.
    Pete N Shaz


  2. Hi Geoff,
    Just got the link and am up to speed with your journey so far. Its good to see you’re attacking things with such a positive attitude. Marney and I are thinking of you, Jan and family. Best of luck with further treatment.




  3. Hi Geoff sending you all our love & strength to add to what I’m sure is your own strong resolve to come out the other end of this challenge stronger fitter and with a renewed desire to live every moment to the fullest, as you have always done! I don’t know how to be of help to you, other than to keep in contact and follow your blog. If we can do anything to help you, Jan, Clare, Lachy or Dougal please let us know. Big hug xox Anna & Phil


  4. Hi mate. You really know how to make an impact with a text message. Thanks so much for letting me know. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Jan.


  5. Hi Geoff , thanks for sending us your blog, no doubt about you, well done mate!! As we said in our text today we are thinking of you mate!
    Steve &beck


  6. Hey Geoff,
    What an awesome idea to keep your friends and family updated.
    Thank you. You are in our thoughts constantly,
    Sending love
    The Tucker’s xx


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