Day 8 – Good News Day (Lots)

  • Jo and Suzy visited early and were delighted with my progress
  • Brain scan showed all clear!
  • Chest X-ray showed all clear!
  • White Blood Cell count (including Blasts) way down
  • Red Blood Cell count climbing – after a couple of bags of blood
  • Weight back to normal
  • Spoke to Liz (the donor coordinator) about the bone marrow transplant process. First step “typing” my siblings Fiona and Tony.
  • Professor John Seymour visited for 30 minutes to discuss progress on importing the FLT-3 drug from the USA
  • Another casual day with family. Delicious Moroccan meatballs for lunch. Lots of messages from friends, only had time to reply to some of them
  • Good phone call with JP
  • Mum and Dad coming to visit on the weekend

(only downside to the day was a strained calf muscle due to spending too much time on the treadmill 60 mins instead of 20…)

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Good News Day (Lots)

  1. Lots of love from the Gilfedders. Very Hamilton attitude to respond to such terrible news with positivity and overexercise. Goodluck Geoff but knowing you, you’ll make your own luck. xoxoxo


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