Day 7 – The Ride From Hell

Following a massive dose of Chemo my body reacted really badly.

  • not much sleep
  • temps 40 degrees throughout the night
  • relief with IV injected paracetamol
  • constant diarrhoea

Following my own proven business/ baseball principal of “three strikes and you’re out” after two early morning changes of bedclothes, I finally opted for “the man nappy”. Things improved throughout the day.

Other major items for the day included a 45 minute brain scan (looking for tumours on the brain) and chest X-rays.

Message from Fozzie.jpg

Receiving lots of great messages from friends all over (including the NurtureOne centres from 4 years ago), thank you so much! It means a lot.

One thought on “Day 7 – The Ride From Hell

  1. Hi Geoff, we’ve been thinking of you alot and have enjoyed (odd word to use under your circumstances) your blog. We will look forward to showing you our new place at Montana. Good luck Sally and Rob


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