Day 6 – Father’s Day

What a wonderful day! Family arrived bearing loads of gifts; socks and jocks and all things very colourful (t-shirts, shirts, thermal pants). But wait there is more… the kids secretly had gone to see DR One behind my back. I tore off the wrapping expecting to find another pair of socks, or maybe a singlet but to my surprise there was a brand new state of the art DR ONE

DR 1

In a strange way this had been one of my best father’s days in quite a few years for the following reasons:

  • The whole family together
  • Lots of colourful presents
  • Special piece of flying equipment to replace VH-KSH (much cheaper to run)
  • No crumbs in the bed or nappies to change (more on this later)

The day drifted on without any great drama. Started the “Putting your business affairs in order” discussion with Jan.

7 thoughts on “Day 6 – Father’s Day

  1. Dear Geoff,
    Fabulous to hear such good news after such crook news. So many have been in this place and you do realise how great it is to have such family love and support. All the best, Libby and Chris


  2. Sending you tonnes of good wishes Geoff. The blog is a great way to help everyone understand and be supportive. With you all in spirit. Ros Ruskin Rowe (Thomson) x


  3. Hi Geoff, what an inspiration! So fantastic to see and hear and follow your journey in such a positive way… but I do have a slight problem with that drone!!!….
    Need insurance!? haha
    stay strong and thinking of you 🙂


  4. Hello Geoff, Anne and I had lunch with Doug and Kay Sutton yesterday and they told us about your current journey. I have read your reports and can only think, that I can imagine what you are courageously going through. Your family and close friends support must be very motivating for you. We want to sincerely wish you all the very best for a successful outcome with your treatment.
    Kind regards to you
    Alan and Anne Larcombe


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