Day 5 – No sleep for me

  • first night trying to sleep after chemo
    • awake most of the night with aches, pains, fever
    • 38-40 degree temperature
    • added 5kg of fluids/ body-weight overnight
    • difficulty breathing (on 10L/min of oxygen – more than top gun)
    • diuretic was added to the cocktail of drugs to fast-rack the disposal of fluids (toilet every 30 mins)
    • Everything gets measured here… (so you pee in a bottle every time)
  • things improved markedly during the day
  • 1 x Idurabacin for the day (off day for the chemo regimen)
  • decided to give me diuretic to shed some of the excess fluid (what they give you, they want back)
  • weighed in at 92kg in the morning after additional fluids given during the night to stabilise me
  • further chats with John, Jan and Lachy about implications of participating in the drug trial vs special access scheme for newly approved American drug

One thought on “Day 5 – No sleep for me

  1. Hi Geoff just driving to Sydney for Becks last chemo session on Thursday – I asked her to read your blog to me for an update on how you are going – I admire you for what you are obviously going through every minute of every day and appreciate the way in which you deliver your daily blogs to your family and friends👍As beck has done since her diagnosis is literally taken one day at a time – some days better than others although from this we are starting to see success – think of you often – best wishes Steve


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