Day 4 – Treatment begins!

  • treatment starts using the cannula which was inserted in the Launceston General Hospital – (it travelled well in the TBM private medivac plane!)
  • loaded up with drugs
    • anti-viral
    • anti-biotic
    • anti-ulcer
    • anti-emetics
    • and, of course anti-cancer (HIDAC+3)
  • John informed us of a possible addition to my chemo regimen
    • US FDA approved drug
    • or a USA/Aust trial on  a newer drug both for the FLT 3 Variant of the AMML.
  • Hickman procedure was finally done late that afternoon – it felt like a game
  • of rugby in the theater

Some friends organised a box of fruit


One thought on “Day 4 – Treatment begins!

  1. Hey Geoff, I’m your original computer Luddite thus this is the first blog I have ever read (Is that the right terminology??). What a dramatic stunt you had to pull to drag me screaming into the 21st century and make my blog reading debut. You are an absolute inspiration, Young Man. I read with great interest (and an element of horror), your journey thus far. But in your inevitable Hamilton style, I see professionalism, even with this challenge albeit not of your choosing. It sounds like you are in the best of care and being the beneficiary of some of the latest technology. Keep up the good fight, Geoff. Cheers. Rich


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