December 2019 – A year back in Tassie

It is amazing how quickly time passes!  Who would believe it has been just over a year since we returned to Tassie after 15 months in Melbourne for treatment.  But it just goes to show that you need to keep doing things or you might run out of time!  And I more than most have seen this scenario emerge from out of nowhere!

My most recent blood tests were very encouraging.  Almost every blood count was in the normal range – Red Blood Cells  – 141, White Blood Cells – 9.1, Platelets – 162, Neutrophils – 5.1, Creatinine – 90 and Liver Markers (ALP, GGT and ALT) all in the normal range.

My consult with Amit is not for a week or so but on my reading of the blood results he should be satisfied that things are progressing well.

My steroid weaning has progressed ever so slowly and I am on a minimal does of just 2.5mg of Prednisolone daily now.

January Tests

I have been booked for a number of ‘2 year post-BMT’ tests in mid January covering Bone Marrow biopsy, bone density scan, lung function, dental, gated heart pool scan and extensive blood tests.

Following this if all is well Amit will give me the ‘all clear’ which as I say to friends will mean “I am as healthy as you!”  Some of my friends point out that I should be careful what I say as I mightn’t like that option at all!

Given the good progress I seem to have made this year I have decided that the blog will come to an end soon – probably after I receive my 2 year results.  This would be a good time to ‘hang up my boots’ if all goes well.

Other things

We have been lucky enough to make a few trips to Wagga for business and to catch up with friends and my mum and dad in Cootamundra.


I enjoyed a tennis morning with Kaz and David Hodge and others.
David and Ruth Thomson hosted a breaky with the Butts and Dowlings

On one of these trips I called in to meet up with Cathy Koning – my new found AML friend who is writing a book on her experience.  Cathy is now 7 years on from her BMT and is doing well leading very much a normal lifestyle.  It was good to share some stories and experiences.

Cathy Koning, my new AML friend


And on top of that I have enjoyed getting back into flying spending a bit of time in our helicopter which is now based on the farm.

I took my nephew Ned, niece Maggie and Daughter Claire for a fly recently.
Anna Sawday, daughter of a great English friend Matt Sawday and Sparky.

5 thoughts on “December 2019 – A year back in Tassie

  1. Very happy to hear where you are at. Not so happy about proposal to stop the blog. It has grown to something bigger than your health and mortality. I think you should keep it up. We want to know what happens in the next exciting episode.


  2. You are looking really well Geoff. If Amit sees you he would sign off on your health immediately.
    n the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends

    All my love to you both


  3. Every one has a story to tell
    Geoff said to me ,
    What a beautiful uplifting story
    you have bravely shared
    Thank you
    House keeper


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