November 2019 – Two months and Counting

I am now counting down to the two year mark post Bone Marrow Transplant as this is when I will undergo another series of tests to check on my status.  If there is no sign of leukaemia the doctors will give me a ‘full clearance’ meaning I am officially cancer free.  These tests will happen early January and I am counting each day until then!

My most recent blood tests were very encouraging will all counts either in the normal range or very close to.  My Haemoglobin and Platelets were high (154 and 188) and Neutrophils 7.2.

My monthly consult with Amit was perhaps the quickest so far with just a few questions over the phone (I was driving at the time which Amit found amusing saying he’d never had a consult with a patient on the road).  I replied that my next one might be when I am flying a helicopter which he said would be another first.

Amit was cautious with my GVHD saying that the steroids were certainly doing their job (I am now weaned down to just 2.5mg per day) but he expected this treatment might come and go over the next 12-18 months.

One of the most undesirable side effects of the Prednisolone is the fat deposit I have gained around my abdominal area.  I complained to Amit that it must be very uncomfortable for men who carry a beer gut because that is how I feel and it is not nice!  He laughed it off and said that with time this will return to normal (with a little help with diet and exercise).  I’m on to it!

My health has been great over the last month and there are even days when I feel almost ‘as good as new!’.  On other days I still suffer from muscle soreness and fatigue – which of course is entirely manageable.  As I say ‘if this is my life then I have nothing to complain about’.  In fact because I have been feeling so well I am now focusing on the ‘margins’ ie. the small stuff such as the muscle soreness and my ‘beer gut’  – First World Problem I guess. It just reminds me how lucky I am  – of course 40-50% don’t make it at all!  The marvels of modern medicine.

We have become good friends with James and Victoria Watson from Ward 7B. James has his 2 year tests this week.

Other stuff

The big news is I have now re-gained my helicopter licence – and what a goal.  In fact this was my first concern when I got sick – ‘when will I be able to fly again?’  So after 2 and 1/2 years I am back in the air – and thoroughly enjoying it.

Back in the air again

We have been busy with business appointments and meetings recently which I am also thoroughly enjoying.  It is good to be back.

Things down in Tassie are going well with the drought affecting the farm (no where near the likes of NSW and QLD) but never the less it is dry for spring.

The Swans have been busy on our dam.



Jan found a friend at the Tassie Landcare conference.

6 thoughts on “November 2019 – Two months and Counting

  1. Hi Geoff. thrilled to hear your encouraging news and that you are back in the air as well. Love reading all your news and waiting for you to call in and see us when you can. Will has just regained his Flying license as of Saturday so very keen to spend time in the air also. My love and best wishes to you both. lots of love Louey. xx


  2. Hi Geoff! It’s so good to see you doing well! Convince you cousin to visit you. I know that you’re very persuasive.


  3. Such good news and great to hear that you are back in the air.

    Lovely to see a photo with Jan and Helen and is that poo Sparky getting a trim?

    take care mate

    Amanda xxx


  4. That is all so, so good to read – especially the flying bit. . Sounds like life is approaching a semblance of normality! Fingers crossed for January test.
    Sending lots of love from Geoff and Hoody xo


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