Week 46 – Evidence based decisions

Last week I was concerned the blood counts had dropped dramatically and the doctors were in two minds as to how to go forward – one option was to increase the drugs and the other was to lower the dosage.

After looking at the evidence and the options the decision was made to keep everything as it was – no changes were made to dosage rates at all!

So what has this meant for this week?


I received two units of blood last Wednesday which has bumped my Haemoglobin levels up to 93 with all other results being very similar. The doctors tell me that things are still on track and I have no need to worry – it is just taking some time for the bone marrow to kick into action.  I need to be patient.

The Leukaemia Foundation have a range of services they offer patients and one of these is a ‘blood buddy’ service where they match you up with a survivor for a phone conversation.

I was matched with a person of similar age, George, who has now survived 5 years post his Bone Marrow Transplant.  We spoke for an hour on the phone about his experience and the issues he has faced along the way.  Although everyone is different in how they respond to treatment there were plenty of similarities with his treatment and progress along the way.

What became evident during our conversation was the need for patience and to realise that the recovery process is likely to take years rather than months.  George was back to work 6 weeks post his transplant but has since retired.  He found that fatigue and other issues prevented him wanting to continue with work.

He did say that his fitness is now back to being better than pre-leukaemia and he is pretty happy with his current lifestyle.  This gives me great hope!

Due to feeling a little better each day we have now started to plan some business trips and other longer trips out of Melbourne.



Last week we flew over to Whyalla in South Australia to catch up with our caravan park managers, Peter and Deb Dawson.  They have been doing a fabulous job with our park and it is really hitting its straps at present being booked out most nights at present.



We met up with Nick and Sue Clarke again to see a great play last week, Oscar Wilde’s Ideal Husband.  We had a great night together.



And on Thursday after my re-habitation session at the Epworth we headed off on our biggest trip this year – a four day trip up the NSW coast to catch up with my brother Tony and Katy who have recently purchased a fabulous ‘retirement’ home at Rosedale on the NSW south coast near Moruya.  Their house is on top of the ridge line overlooking the sea (and as it happens the migrating whales!) through a stand of spotted gums. Their daughter Amy and boyfriend Phim arrived for Friday night.

We managed a fantastic drive across the mountains from Bega to Bairnsdale via Bombala and McKillops Bridge on Sunday and stayed with Jan’s brother Andrew on Sunday night before returning to Melbourne.

Jan even managed to get on a horse for a nice ride!

This was a big trip for both of us but one we managed and thoroughly enjoyed.  It has given me confidence to venture out from Melbourne knowing that even with my current health status it is possible to travel.


2 thoughts on “Week 46 – Evidence based decisions

  1. Glad to hear that it is “steady as she goes” and that
    you have been seeing some of the good country on the other side of the hill 🙂 A trip to McKillop’s Bridge should be on everyone’s bucket list. What is Fiona Hamilton doing in Rosedale ?! Good seat Jan!
    Keep up the good work With love Hoody


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