Week 32 – Still in Remission!

Thankyou to everyone – family and friends who have wished me well after the 100 day mark (and for our 30th wedding anniversary wishes).   It might seem strange but the comments and feedback we get are very encouraging and helpful in managing the recovery process (now I am feeling like a social media junkie!).

Today was unexpectedly one of good news – I have spent the whole day (10.00am to 4.30pm) going through the routine – blood tests, two units of blood, new dressing for my PICC line and a review by the doctors.

During the review my doctor, Emma announced the ‘preliminary’ results from my Bone Marrow Biopsy (only taken on Tuesday) indicated I am still clear of Leukaemia.  There is still a more detailed result to come but for me this is a great relief.

This is my 4th biopsy and (apart from the first one) all have shown me to be in remission (clear of leukaemia) so far. It is looking good that I might be able to beat this nasty disease!

The other news from today’s visit is a radical change in my drug program.  The medical team have been worried about my  poor kidney function – the creatinine level is now 190 which is considered high – normally this would be less than 100.

The main drug affecting my kidney function is the cyclosporin which is a highly toxic drug and I am only now starting my weaning process from a high rate (150mg/day).

To overcome this they have advised no cyclosporin for a day and then back to 125mg/day dropping by 25mg each week until it is all gone.  I asked why they were not happy to drop it altogether – the answer being is may well trigger another round of Graft vs Host disease – not something we need at this stage as it would involve more setbacks.

The doctors are also concerned about my low neutrophil count (now down to 0.7) and as a result have prescribed a series of G-CSF (Granulocyte- Colony Stimulating Factor) injections to stimulate the stem cell growth. Jan will be administering these to me at home.


These injections are effective in increasing the neutrophil count which helps my immune system recover (at the moment I am considered neutropenic and at high risk of infection).

I will know more next week after the blood tests on Monday so here’s hoping the medical  team’s latest suggestions will have a positive result.

The GCSF injections will help boost my neutrophil count. Jan’s chance to get one back on me!



During the week we dropped in to Lachy’s workplace to checkout exactly what Aginic do.


8 thoughts on “Week 32 – Still in Remission!

  1. Hi Geoff and Jan

    Just catching up on emails! Congratulations on 30th wedding anniversary! You know what they say about Murder! And great news on 100 days, here’s to the next 100 and 30! The blog and photos are fantastic, you both look so well!

    I feel for you with all the waiting you have to endure in hospital, there is a lot of the same at Wagga Base and it’s difficult for the staff as well as the patients, sadly there is not a lot we can do about it. Red Tape!

    Not much news here except it’s really really dry and you know that and have lived with that so thats it! Waiting to sow, many people are dry sowing, we are just waiting, really it’s up to our contractors. No Dramas, it has to rain one day! Stephen has finally sold his Chamberlain tractor, actually had 7 people wanting to buy it, so too cheap, anyway, space in the shed!

    I have started going to pottery on Friday mornings, love it, very relaxing. Last Saturday went to a workshop at Kath’s, bird baths or pear making, and took Mum, Mill, Jeanie, Heather and Annabel, had a great day, will be a little while to see the finished product due to firing and school holiday workshops however looking forward to seeing our creations.

    Off to pick olives on Saturday before the birds eat them all. I think we will double the olive harvest this year at Mountfield with our 12 trees. Always a great day, better if you guys were here!

    Hope to catch up soon, maybe after Dougall graduates,

    Much love Jen and Steve

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  2. Hi Geoffrey,
    Well what a ripper milestone to reach and we are so delighted for you all with the continued good reports. We are pretty slack in corresponding but you are very much in our thoughts. We think you have been a bloody marvel, but I think BOG goes to that gorgeous, capable, fun loving wife of yours! 30 years of an incredible and very much admired and respected partnership. Well done you two! We send our love and so so so so pleased to hear that things remain on track ( with some side issues to counter no less) love to you both. Serena and George xx


  3. What wonderful news, I remember hassling them for those prelim results each and every time as it gave such a tremendous amount of relief for my family and I. Congratulations Team Geoff!

    Just thought I would share a G-CSF experience with you if you don’t mind? When you get it out of the fridge, warm it up in your hands for a minute or so. Not that it is a deep pain but let’s face it, any time you can reduce pain or nausea during this period is welcomed!

    I enjoy reading each and every one of your posts. As I’ve mentioned before, you are a wonderful writer and I sit with anticipation of your autobiography!

    Keep fighting the big fight, you are giving the Big C (aka L) a damn good run for its money!!

    Yours sincerely,

    Celeste O’Brien
    (Client of Chris Bell and thriving Leukaemia survivor)


  4. Hi Geoff- that is just wonderful news! Very positive and encouraging.
    Congratulations to you both on your 30th anniversary too 🙂


  5. Good on you Jan for stepping up to the injections – go girl! Mind you, I seem to remember all sorts of painful injections from my dentists over the years – I’m sure your advice would be to have looked after my teeth better. Leukemia unfortunately doesn’t depend on how well or badly you have looked after yourself, but thank goodness you have Geoffrey. We are fortunate recipients today of a new grandchild, Franklin (Frankie) Micah 8lbs 8 oz – another Yank in our family – I arrived in Des Moines Iowa last night. Mother and babe doing very well. Keep up the good recovery Geoff – we keep driving past Milford missing you both.


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