Week 32 – 100 day tests

Having reached the big milestone of 100 days the medical team line you up for a range of tests including a lung function test and a bone marrow biopsy.

These were completed today.  They also included a fasting blood test (about 12 different tubes of blood) which was completed first up in the pathology section of RMH today.  I got there early (they open at 8.30am) only to find about 10 people had queued up already for their fasting tests – not to worry that only added an extra half hour to the wait.

This put me about half an hour late for my bone marrow biopsy but being ‘hospital time; no one seemed to mind – it all just rolls along.

When they do a bone marrow biopsy they are looking to take some fluid and a small sample of marrow from the hip bone.  The procedure takes around 30 minutes and requires a small amount of sedation.

The results will not be available for about 2 weeks so we will have to wait and see.

The dental check-up and lung function test went well on Monday and show at this stage everything seems to be OK.

Monday was a special day for Jan and I as we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  Let’s hope there is another 30 to come!

I’ve been working on another Beanie as a way of passing time. This one for a friend.


After 6 months of trying to get together we finally managed to catch up with Nick and Sue Clark on the weekend.


5 thoughts on “Week 32 – 100 day tests

  1. Hello Geoff, great to read of your progress ,fingers crossed for the rest of your tests. Great work on that beanie,a hidden talent Geoff. Cheers Ross and Cynthia x


  2. Happy anniversary Jan and Geoff – Phil and I will celebrate our 30th in August!!
    Very dry conditions here for the start of 2018 sowing.


  3. What a partnership you and Jan share, something really special. All the best to the next 30 years, congrats guys!


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