Week 28 – Monday 19th March GVH recedes

The news of course is I am still alive!  It has been been 10 days since my last blog which was week 26 – Imagine missing a week without a blog!   I even had friends on the phone calling up to make sure things were OK- thanks for your concern.

From now on I’ll probably keep to a Monday blog after the usual visit to the Doctor or if special news comes to hand I will of course put this out!

The visits to the doctor are now twice a week and for the last couple of visits there has not been a requirement for any extra IV fluids which has made the visits so much shorter.

I am still on steroids to help with the GVH but this is being cut back slowly together with a reduction in some of the other drugs.  My liver function is holding up very well as is my kidney function.

Some of the key blood results are below:

Haemoglobin  – 97 (down from a recent 117)

Wcc = 12.9

Platelets – 53 (down from 84)

Neutrophils  12.2

Bilirubin – 11 (which is in the normal range – indicator of liver health)

Overall my doctor is very happy with these key blood results and together with some other important numbers she says “I am doing very well”

I am still struggling eating normal meals, I am eating more in the morning  but seem to run out of puff by lunch time and sleep is still a challenge.

On the social scene

We have had many visitors over the last 10 days including my parents who headed off to Darwin for a train trip south on the Ghan. We also had a visit from Oscar Sheridan (nephew) and Jan’s parents Helen and Allen en route to yet another wool sale.  And Darren and Kath Wallace from Wagga en route to the Great Ocean Road for a week.

Oh yes and a special dinner with Kate and Stewart Sutherland in Hardware Lane just to catch up on the Tassie/Tooma news, (sorry for the first pass – it has been busy!)

Richard Reid dropped into the hospital for a good catch up (sadly Rich has just lost his Dad to cancer) and Peter Zacharia.

And last weekend Dougall’s mates from Wagga Oliver and Alister Butt (and Ollies’ girlfriend Jeannie made an Epic trip to Melb for a good catch up.  It was good to hear their stories (together with a load of fresh vegies and eggs from Jenni Butt – thankyou!)




11 thoughts on “Week 28 – Monday 19th March GVH recedes

  1. Wonderful to see that big smile Geoff, even more wonderful to hear your positive weekly update. Pics are fabulous – gorgeous young lady (Claire) and handsome young man (Dougal) all grown up 😘


  2. Thanks Geoff – sounds like you are hanging in there – great job and it was lovely to see you last week – We are devastated our dinner didn’t rate a mention !! 🙂 Big Hugs
    Kate and Stewart xxx


  3. The photos are great Geoff. You and Jan look very happy surrounded by your friends and family.
    Big breakfasts are the go. Eat up and keep your spirits high.


  4. Thanks..we were wondering and so pleased things are going along very well. A number of Wollundry members were asking so I’ll be able to advise tomorrow.

    Aero Club had a great trip to Lightning Ridge over the weekend – Clucie and others posted some great pics. Big winds for trip home Sunday and DUST – you would have been in your element!!

    Food and Wine next Saturday – have let you off for this year, but attendance next is mandatory.

    Cheers for now


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