Week 26 – Friday 9th… GVH of the liver

The big news from this week’s visit is the fact that I have confirmed Graft vs Host disease of my liver.   Whilst this is not ideal the medical team are happy in a way to see this as it confirms that my brother’s immune system is strong and having a ‘go’.

Today was a usual visit to hospital with the normal blood collection in the morning and then a 1.5 hr wait while the blood samples are processed so the doctors can analyse the data and make an informed decision on where to from here.

In my case I needed a litre of IV fluid with magnesium just as a top up.  All my other blood results were good although the WCC and Neutrophils were a little higher than normal due to the large amounts of steroids I am on for GVH.

The steroids have a secondary impact on sleep making it difficult to get much without taking extra sleeping tablets.

Whilst at hospital good friend Matt Kibble dropped in for a quick chat – it was good to catch up on his news.

And finally I snapped a shot of Jan at Docklands with her beautiful new scarf that Claire found at a market on the Mornington Peninsula last weekend.


Oh yes Michael and my sister Fiona have just had some time in Kenya and took some awesome wildlife shots.


4 thoughts on “Week 26 – Friday 9th… GVH of the liver

  1. Sorry, Jan. I was looking at the boat!

    More good news.

    WCAC has ten aircraft and 24 people for Lightning Ridge next weekend. We even have Bruce and Christine Dicker coming along.


  2. Great news Geoff – love reading your positive strength. And love the new scarf Jan (Claire has her mother’s taste) 😘😘


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