Week 21 – Thursday 25th & Friday 26th: Straya Day

I slept well last night and the good news is the team thinks I will be out in 3-4 days time which seems amazing given I still feel pretty ordinary and quite drowsy.

Blood Counts.jpg

It is expected that there will be a big turn around in my Neutrophil levels over the next few days. My throat is feeling a lot better so I am taking most of my drugs orally again.

Discharge Briefing.jpg
Liv taking me through the discharge briefing in preparation for next week. I kept falling asleep so it is lucky Jan was there too.

I am still getting some pain relief from a slow release patch (think nicotine patches) on my right shoulder. This is the only opioid I am receiving now which is good because I have really not enjoyed the headspace that the opioid drugs put me in. Along with the fatigue I have been feeling confused and anxious due to the number of thoughts circulating over and over in my head. Often I was unable to articulate them or describe them which was frustrating. Happily, that is slowly starting to fade now but I am still feeling very sleepy.

Having a nap while receiving blood

On the upside, I have received two bags of blood today which might pep me up a bit due to higher oxygen carrying capacity. After I am released I may continue to receive blood products for quite some time to supplement the work of my new bone marrow as the transplant usually focuses on regenerating the immune system before generating the other blood cells.

My favourite child Claire is visiting given that it is the Australia Day long weekend and is today’s guest blogger. There is lots of activity in the ward with families and kids visiting patients which brings a bit of excitement. Isn’t it great to see so much controversy about Australia Day – let’s hope some of those politicians (Lamb etc) take advantage of the ceremonies being held to be naturalised!

Claire and Geoff

Speaking of lamb, I am back eating again but only small snacks like little pots of yoghurt, the soft middle out of white bread rolls and small bowls of soup – not quite up to an Australia Day BBQ just yet!!

Peanut Butter.jpg
I know I need to eat but I don’t yet have an appetite and I am not really enjoying it!

Wishing you a fun long weekend.




7 thoughts on “Week 21 – Thursday 25th & Friday 26th: Straya Day

  1. Good news Geoff. I often mention you ( anonymously) to our blood donors to impress on them just how much blood is needed to support a leukaemia patient through their treatment.. Hope those red cells perk you up


  2. Good news that you will be released in a couple of days. Smithy is working on the aeroclub getting down to Tassie later in the year or early ’19. Chocks away. You’re on the runway now. Cheers CROZ


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