Week 20 – Tuesday 16th – My Ward

Following on from last night’s blog (which was written by Lachy for those worried mums out there that thought I might choose a favourite child!), today I’ll just run you through Ward 7B of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. And before we get into the pictures, health-wise today has been a good day with some improvement in the pain relief for my throat. I’ve started to sip water again (*gulp*), have been through the usual tests (body temp, blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation) multiple times a day. They’ve been concerned about high pressure (150-160, normally 110-120) and as a result I’ve been put on another new medication for reducing my blood pressure. But otherwise the team are very happy with my progress so far.

Medical trolley in the corridor
Pharmaceutical supplies room
Linen room
Gadgets for cripples (or people who over-exercise)
Spare pumps in case one blows up (I’ve been through 2)
Hydration station – input
The result of the hydration station – output. Everything is measured for volume.

2 thoughts on “Week 20 – Tuesday 16th – My Ward

  1. Such a relief to hear that you have turned a small corner Geoff. You are an inspiration to us all. I think of you whenever I get out of bed in the morning with an ache or pain and it is put back in perspective!
    Keep up the good work.


  2. Cheers Geoff. Hope hump day of week two post transplant provides a bit more relief from the pain.

    We had a Hillis Day at Rotary yesterday but still matters to discuss. Club is going well although member numbers are down a little.

    Our campaign to stop WWCC introducing parking charges and restricting the option of paying the annual landing charge at Wagga Airport is heating up. AOPA has become involved and we are no very actively campaigning not to have overnight parking charges for visiting light aircraft – up to 2,500 kgs (sorry this doesn’t include the Citation Mustang – didn’t realise its MTOW is almost 4,000 kgs – must be all that fuel it carries). We have an online petition which has almost 800 signatures and actively seeking local businesses to support because all the parking charge will do is drive visitors elsewhere. Once you reduce the parking charge by the cost of administration and collection the net result is minimal and likely to result overall in a reduction in airport revenue because of the reduced visitation. It will make it that much harder for the aero club to get visitors to Wagga for our events and for Wagga to attract the various aero clubs and aircraft type societies to Wagga for their annual events. Another dumb policy approach by WWCC

    Keep up the great attitude mate. You will beat this thing!



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