Week 20 – Monday 15th Jan

Today’s post is a short one – I’ve begrudgingly taken the advice of my favourite son (Lachlan) and decided to move to a lighter, picture focused format for the next little while. The main reason for this is that my new and exciting mix of pharmaceuticals is making it tough for me to focus on complex philosophical and scientific musings of the sort you’ve come to expect from me as an audience. Life’s tough, but the show must go on.

Final paper plane throw-off with Dougz before he heads back to America for Uni today
Luckily I’ve become quite adept at knitting and can do it without thinking too hard. Swan’s themed beanie coming along nicely.
They’ve given me a nice little oxygen mask for when I’m snoozing – reminds me of the days when I’d take the cirrus up above 10,000 ft and have to strap on the oxygen mask to keep focused.
Jan has taken up creative hand-lettering and managed to come up with this beautiful little reminder as a first attempt at her new craft. (For anyone who’s familiar with her usual scrawl, yes she really did write this highly legible piece of text!)
Favourite son aka guest blogger Lachy hard at work.

6 thoughts on “Week 20 – Monday 15th Jan

  1. Wow Jan – very impressive artwork – I would never have picked it as yours! Your oxygen mask also reminds me of traveling in the Cirrus Geoff- just a little bit freaky for the slightly nervous flier… 😳😬 Sending loads of good wishes your way Geoff – lots of love to you all x


  2. Glad to see that you are getting on with the knitting. You may have to do one to go to Beijing if their temperature does not rise!


  3. Most days I like to leave a joke to make you feel better.
    Today I just want you to know I feel your pain.
    Stay strong Dusty.
    You’re an inspiration.
    Think about our next trip to Birdsville.
    Shaz always says you have to have something to look forward to no matter what!


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