Week 16 – Monday 18th – Season’s Greetings (formerly Merry Christmas)


Rather than send out written cards (which you might have noticed we haven’t done for 10 years or more) we thought an e-card might be the go! And I guess most of you are pretty up to date in the ‘goings on’ in the Hamilton family – I can’t add much more!

I’d especially like to thank everyone for your lovely comments and messages of support during my recent time in hospital and at home.  As I’ve said before these messages are certainly keeping me in fine spirits and well prepared for my next stage of treatment.

Jan and I hope you enjoy a relaxing and safe Festive Season and fulfilling New Year.

7 thoughts on “Week 16 – Monday 18th – Season’s Greetings (formerly Merry Christmas)

  1. Dear Geoff and Jan,
    Thank you for the good wishes. I am looking forward to a break over Christmas.
    I’d like to wish you, Jan and the Family a happy festive season right back!
    It’s wonderful you will all be together and great that you are not feeling sick at the moment.
    Lots of love Sonja xx


  2. Hi Geoff, Jan & Family
    In at Cobram Bolts and ran into James…has briefly filled Greg & I in….
    Was only thinking about you guys the other day and did the old Facebook stalk but nothing lol….
    Love to you all…Wishing you a wonderful Christmas xx


  3. Dear Geoff and Jan
    Christmas love to you all with an abundance of family love coming your way.
    We loved our catch up with Dougz at Yale. He graciously guided us through the university, it certainly is an incredible structure and interesting stories behind the scenes of New Haven. Enjoy your time together and all the best Geoff for your new life from your giving brother.
    Lots of love and christmas cheer from NYC XXXXX


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