Week 15 – Sat/Sun 18th. Mr Rabbit arrives!

This weekend was great from a medical point of view with no complications what so ever.  And we managed to catch up with a few friends around Melbourne.

It was been a while since we have seen Claire and we were thrilled when she flew over from Perth on Friday night for her Christmas break.  Claire is looking fantastic at the moment with her new short hair look.  She travels with Mr Rabbit who has been a childhood toy from birth.  There is no show without Mr Rabbit – even at the age of 26!


We headed down to Port Melbourne Sat morning to catch up with Jeremy Twigg – an old friend from Trinity college days.  Jeremy has recently completed his MLC (Mid-life crisis) with new partner, new house and a Harley Davidson!

Jeremy Twigg shows off his Harley


The Bradley family from Tassie were in Melbourne over the weekend for the Paul Kelly concert and dropped down to Docklands for a quick catch up.  Rob and Jo and their children Hugh and Ingrid are farmers and operate a mixed farm and a large dairy. They were in very good spirits given the mini boom the ag industry is enjoying at the moment.



On Sunday we caught up with Julia Ham from Tarcutta.  Julia is a long time friend who helped us out in our busy childcare days.  She had lots of family news which is keeping her family very busy at the moment.

Julia Ham shouted us breakfast on Sunday.


We managed a trip down to the NGV to check out the new exhibitions and enjoyed a ride back along the Yarra river.  Sunday was an almost perfect day in Melbourne with mild temperatures and sunny skies.

One of the large installations at the NGV in Melbourne.
This message struck a chord with me! Looks like a bunch of little blood cells about to be crunched.

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