Week 7 – Saturday – Steady as she goes

Today was almost a repeat of yesterday.  After a good sleep (with the usual interruptions) I was on the treadmill early to get going.

Jan was back in around 8.30am but missed the early round from the Heam Team, who were happy with my progress.  One day at a time but they indicated I should be allowed out for 3-4 days from Tuesday afternoon.

I spent the morning reading papers and then rested up after lunch before the afternoon games session put on by the staff at Ward 7B – a new thing for the Ward.  About 6 or 7 patients turned up to play the games with a host of nurses.  It was lots of fun.

After that I had a surprise visit from longtime friend Dick Tallis.  It was good to catch up on family news.

During that visit my sister Fiona and husband Michael (Jan’s brother for those that don’t know the family story) arrived having travelled overnight from Bangkok where they live.

More news tomorrow but a few pics to finish off with.

My view for the afternoon prior to the games event.


Tyrone at the Pictionary games event. He is 18 and in year 12, still studying whilst he overcomes Leaukemia.
Dick Tallis, from Dookie (think Tallis Wines) made a surprise visit.
Fiona and Michael visited after travelling overnight from Bangkok.
Dr kate who is one of the lead doctors on the Heam Team has the most amazing ability to dress up each day like she is off to a cocktail party!

4 thoughts on “Week 7 – Saturday – Steady as she goes

  1. G’day Geoffrey and Jan and Lachie,

    Great to catch up with you on Friday.

    It really was.

    Interesting catching up with Wally from Wagga too, who would have thought?

    The Moto GP is terrific this year – good attendance, plenty of everything for all.

    James Connolly has come down with a few others, making up our group of 9.

    No photos at this stage – finding power to charge devices is a bit of a challenge.

    Loving the tenting community though.

    Pinos Italian has featured both nights – mixed it up a bit.

    I see that between 1:50 and 6:58 that you dressed the walls with a few photos. Nice work. Settling in for the long haul?

    More great news overnight with a win by the Wallabies over the All-Blacks in Brisbane. Ye-hah.

    Time for a coffee on the camp cooker, and an Asian ‘add water’ cup of noodles.


    Andrew Irvine 254 Elizabeth Drive Vincentia NSW 2540

    0437 694 010 ab.irvine@bigpond.com 02 4441 5767



  2. Geoffrey how did you go in the games session? Did you take it easy on your fellow patients? Or did that old competitive drive of yours kick in.


  3. Dr Kate would be an asset to any Rotary Club, especially to an all male club like Wollundry. I could see attendances going through the roof at weekly meetings!!!!
    Frank Fuller and I would like to order a beanie please!
    Looking good Geoff! Keeping fighting hard! You’ll win!
    Best wishes
    Judy & Ferg


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