Week 7 – Friday. All going well!

Today was a pretty good day for the second day back on Chemo.

I managed a good sleep of perhaps 6-7 hours (in groups of 1-3 hours in between observations, blood sampling etc).  It is back to the hospital mantra that the patient comes first for the medical staff – and sleep comes second – they like you to be available for their requirements!

I did have one measurement of low blood pressure during the night (90/55) which was a first. It is usually 110/60.  What is yours?  If you are not sure off to the Blood Bank!

Here is a quick quiz:

How do you increase blood pressure?

(a) Eat more food

(b) Go for a walk/run

(c) T ake some tablets

(d) Drink more/re-hydrate

(e) Have an argument with your spouse

Answer at bottom of blog.

Surprisingly I still have an appetite so managed breakfast and other meals – mind you I’m on two different Anti Sickness drugs to overcome the usual nausea associated with Chemo.  They tell me they have come a long way in 40 years of managing cancer treatments for patient comfort.

The latest Anti Board. There are 10 different types of drugs – 12 in total, to try and keep me on the straight and narrow.

Jan arrived early after her 30 min walk to the hospital and then Bev and Andy Irvine arrived for a lovely visit.  We had a great catch up on their recent move from Wagga to the south coast at Vincentia, and life in general.  Andy presented me with a lovely bottle of red wine but it will have to wait I’m afraid – still on the wagon.

Bev and Andy Irvine dropped in for a visit. Andy is on his way to the Moto GP at Phillip Island and Bev is down to visit family.

On top of that we had a quick catch up with Mark Wallace and Kathleen Mathews from Wagga.  Mark is visiting Peter Mac regularly with a cancer issue at present but looks very healthy and is quite positive.  Lachy also popped in for lunch.

The rest of the day was spent sleeping, reading, knitting (coming along) and of course helping out the nurses with observations and changing IV drips.

Knit one Pearl one. The beanie is coming along.

I keep on receiving some lovely comments on the blog and emails (with pics) from friends which keeps my spirits high.

My friend Birgitta from Macugnaga Italy, tells me I can cut the beanie short as these are all the go in Europe now!

Quiz Answer:

(b) and (d) are correct although (d) is perhaps the best option!  Don’t try (e) – very short term!

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