Day 22 – Extra, extra read all about it!!

I had been waiting for this day since Friday.  It was my day for the Bronchoscopy which was to determine if I do have a fungal growth on my lung.

Day 22 Bronchoscopy
Schematic of a bronchoscopy

Fasting is essential for any procedure (I don’t know why they don’t call it an operation as it involves a light general anaesthetic). However, fasting for me is easy as with the nutrition coming from the IV drip there is nothing to change really.

The morning was spent with a few exercise rounds and on one I met up with Sean on the treadmill as I jumped on the bike.  Sean is a long time CIL patient (CIL being a very slow growing leukaemia).  He has been in and out of here for 15 years and has just had his bone marrow transplant.  He said it went well but he is not looking forward to spending the next 2 weeks here – especially as this will put him here for the Grand Final.  He’s going to ask his doctor if he can have a few cans of mid-strength that day to celebrate!  Sean works for a large Geelong based earth moving company and is hoping to be back on his excavator by February/March.

So apart from sleep and general rest in the morning (and 3 bags of platelets in preparation for the procedure) it was a waiting game for the transfer trolley.  When they did arrive it was all systems go, as they have their time-slots downstairs and certainly want to get you through.  An orderly from the theatre takes you down with a nurse from here keeping a close eye on the records and the tubes.

Going through the standard pre-op questions such as allergies, feeling sick, false teeth etc we discovered a massive problem.  I was chewing gum!  WTF it is just gum!

Day 22 Extra gum

It just so happens that Jay, the anaesthetist, is a specialist on the topic of gum and has written medical papers on it. He said “You have not been fasting – chewing gum produces gastric juices in your stomach and is worse than drinking water.  We cannot operate!…….OK, give us a minute and we will discuss the options……..  Yes, we can operate but there will be no GA you will have to do this all under local anaesthetic.  We use a local spray for your throat and insert the camera and tube down there to the lung, it’ll be a little painful but has certainly done by others and there will be no anaesthetic risk.”

“I’m up for it, let’s go!” was my response.

So 45 mins later I get wheeled back out into recovery having full awareness of what went on in the operating theatre.

Not a nice day but at least that one has been ticked off my daily plan. And best of all Jan was in my room when I returned upstairs.  The lovely Dr Jess also popped in to apologise about the gum mis-communication.

11 thoughts on “Day 22 – Extra, extra read all about it!!

  1. OMG gum.
    I have learnt something here today Geoff! That’s good that one is ticked off the list. Sending love and light to you and Jan. x Sonja


  2. Dear Geoff
    As a theatre nurse in the very busy day surgery in Wagga, we occasionally receive a request from a patient that the endoscopic procedure be performed without any anaesthetic. I’m not sure why one would want to be awake for their own colonoscopy or gastroscopy , (considering where the long black snake enters the body for a look at the large bowel), but our insides are a pretty fascinating thing to see! I’m wondering whether you were able to see your own lungs whilst gagging on the camera shoved down your throat. A bronchoscopy probably would have been easier on the eye than a colonoscopy but no less tolerable and I am impressed that you did it! Hope you get some good results. Ruth


  3. Hi Geoff
    I just logged into your blog and find it fantastic. Have been away for 10 days and went through your days for a good read. That has covered my book reading for a few days.
    Also noticed the delicacy on day 18. the lasagne and carrot had similarity to the Rotary lunch at The Commercial Club. I was not sure whether the Forticreme was a treatment of a source of nutrition.
    I reckon Helen H would have raised an eyebrow as to the chewing Gum, something like “Geoffrey, you did not learn that habit at home”
    Also downloaded the Macca podcast and many superlatives about hospital staff which is so true.
    The Hamo attitude rings load throughout your blogs which is no surprise but a good lesson for us all.
    Thinking of you and hoping for good news. Give the cute one a big hug. That’s not the cute nurse…that’s Jan
    Cheers Pykie


  4. Oh Geoff! Had no idea chewie could cause such problems! Oh well – another new experience – hope you don’t have to do that again!


  5. Great blog Geoffrey,

    I thought chewing gum was bad for teeth?

    Might have to change my tune.

    You are a brave man, keep up the good work. Cheers

    Andrew Irvine



  6. Hi Geoff,
    I’m finding your blog utterly fascinating! I admire your determination and particularly love hearing how this is a Hamilton family venture. Love and best wishes from the rest of the vHs in the west.


  7. Dear Geoffrey, your blog reads like a novel! We have been following your writings daily! Looking forward to the next page with good results about the bronchoscopy. XXX Nadine


  8. Well done Geoff 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    That procedure/operation sounds uncomfortable but you did it!!
    Big tick ✔️
    Sending you love from Wagga Wagga Airport xx


  9. I looked up the meaning of
    not deterred by danger or pain; brave.

    synonyms: brave, plucky, fearless, valiant, valorous, intrepid, heroic, lionhearted, manful, bold, daring, daredevil, adventurous, audacious; undaunted, unflinching, unshrinking, unafraid, dauntless, indomitable, doughty, mettlesome, venturesome, stout-hearted, stout, spirited, gallant, stalwart, resolute, determined, death-or-glory; rock-ribbed; informalgame, gutsy, spunky, ballsy, have-a-go; rareventurous
    “only the children were courageous enough to step out of hiding”

    they all apply to you on day 22 and every other day.

    Much love to you, Geoffrey and Jan


  10. Geoff, I am loving your blog! As determined and courageous as ever! Love the planning … ever so inspirational!!
    Sending you, Jan and the kids love x


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