Blood Products

Today was a recovery day after my last heavy duty chemo treatment. Although the treatment finished up at about 2am, the whole day was pretty much a wipe out, feeling very flat and very tired.

Visitors included family plus special visit from Granny and Pa all the way from Cootamundra. The main thought for today is the importance of keeping the blood products flowing through the system.

I’ve been a blood donor for more than 35 years and most recently committed to donating plasma on a monthly basis. Unfortunately moving forward I will not be eligible to donate any form of blood product. If you haven’t before, I would strongly encourage you to investigate the altruistic and life saving function of donating blood through the Red Cross Blood Bank.

To date I have probably received six bags of platelets and eight bags of red blood cells. Each time I look closely at the donation date and the use by date. I am very grateful to the anonymous donors who have donated this blood.

With a low platelet count, a blood nose can be life threatening as there is no way to stop the bleeding without platelets to come to the rescue.

Jodie Coles has been a bit nervous to donate blood for a long time but today she bit the bullet. Good on you Jodie!



5 thoughts on “Blood Products

  1. We have tried to send you a message yesterday and didn’t succeed. We will try again and see if we get through. A few shower lately but no decent rain. To start lambmarking on
    Monday. Did a small mob that an overeager ram got in early and there were 55 merino ewes and 75 merino lambs. Was a blood donor for many years but probably too old now. We are all plugging for you!!!


  2. Australian Red Cross Blood Bank does indeed a great job. Ros and I have been blood donors for many years, although having a stent implanted stopped my giving for a while. Your sentiments have now urged me to see if I can donate again.
    Fantastic your parents visited – hope they can stay a while.
    Usual crowd at the Aero Club this evening – except Smithy who with Judy flew to McLaren Vale today for a Mooney love in. Many tall tails from those on the Birdsville trip – Clucie in fine form. Sprout and About tomorrow – weather improving from cold and windy.
    Have a restful night.
    Cheers Geoff and Ros


  3. Been a long time donor too, Geoff. As I’m O-ve, I try to donate as much as possible, but had a 3 year lay off after bike accident. I wasn’t allowed to give, not that I didn’t want to. Good to see blood used for good use here! Next time I roll up my sleeve, I’ll think be thinking if you.


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